CDMX vaccine: when does the third dose application begin in Álvaro Obregón, Cuauhtémoc and Milpa Alta

Vaccination Mexico. (Photo: EFE)

The third dose application for older adults will be held in three municipalities of Mexico City next week, as was announced by the director general of Digital Government of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), Eduardo Clark Garcia.

In that sense, the director of the ADIP reported that it is expected to inoculate at least 179,264 adults aged 60 and over to residents of Álvaro Obregón, Cuauhtémoc and Milpa Alta.

Next week’s vaccination plan will only be for three days, due to the holidays next weekend. Therefore, it will be Monday December 20 to Wednesday 23 of the same month.

Residents of the aforementioned demarcations must appear during the days established based on the CDMX calendar and with respect to the first letter of their paternal surname.

Third dose vaccination.  (Photo: Reuters)
Third dose vaccination. (Photo: Reuters)

What is the vaccination schedule?

* Monday, December 20: A, B, C, D, E, F.

* Tuesday, December 21: G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, Ñ, O.

* Wednesday December 22: P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

Each previously vaccinated person will be assigned a vaccination unit, one hour and one day. According to Clark García, they will receive a message with the name, location and vaccination schedule.

What are the vaccination sites?

* Cuauhtémoc

-Mars Field

-Vasconcelos Library

* Milpa Alta

Deportivo Villa Milpa Alta

*Alvaro Obregon

-CU University Olympic Stadium

-Expo Santa Fe

Vaccine for the elderly.  (EFE)
Vaccine for the elderly. (EFE)

What are the requirements to get vaccinated?

* Older adults must present an identification that proves they are 60 years or older.

* Bring proof of address from the mayor’s office where you reside (it does not need to be in your name).

* Have completed your vaccination schedule more than six months ago.

It is recommended to go well hydrated and fed, as well as to wear comfortable clothes and prevent changes in the weather, since the application will be carried out in outdoor areas, in order to prevent its spread. In addition, they must correctly place their mask, have a healthy distance and wear antibacterial gel or maintain frequent hand washing.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Clark García announced that Mexico City will continue to green traffic light for next week.

“We continue for another week at a green light and in fairly low numbers. The intermediate score we received was four points out of 40, ″ he said.

The figures showed that the number of hospitalized in the Valley of Mexico continues to decline, after 506 people hospitalized last week and 487 as of yesterday’s cut. Which meant a reduction of 19 fewer people.

As for Mexico City, a reduction of 23 hospitalized people was reported. On December 10 there were 381 interned citizens and to date there are 358.

The director of the ADIP insisted that hospital admissions in Mexico City have been maintained for four weeks.

“In the last three four days they had a drop, slight, but still a drop. Although it is not so clear, it has been maintained ”, he stressed.

As for the positivity, that is, cases detected in Macro Kiosks, Shopping Centers and Health Centers reported that there is a slight increase, although the levels remain down.

He reported that there are at least 70 positives daily. Positivity is 2.5% in the last 7 days.


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