BBH leads 475 complaints against the fixing of equity interest rates

At the end of October, the Federal Network Agency published the equity interest rates for the electricity and gas network operators in the 4th regulatory period: 5.07 percent for new systems and 3.51 percent for old systems. In doing so, she confirmed the fears from the industry: In the future, the network operators should ensure the security of supply and sustainability of the energy networks by reducing their returns by more than 25 percent.

Not properly determined?

BBH and its clients are convinced that the regulatory authority has not properly determined the level of the interest rates. For their community of litigation costs, BBH is now having the determination of the equity interest rates reviewed by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court. A total of 927 complaints were received by the court; 475 of the proceedings alone are carried out by BBH.

BBH partner Stefan Missling on this: “We are of the opinion that the Federal Network Agency did not take into account the current situation on the financial markets adequately in its decision. The authors of the study, on whose figures the Authority appeals to the determination of the interest rates. ” (gun)

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