AMP.- Japan.- At least 24 dead from a fire apparently caused in a psychiatric clinic in Osaka


At least 24 people have died this Friday from a fire apparently caused in a psychiatric clinic in the Japanese city of Osaka, located in the center of the country, according to sources of the investigation cited by the Japanese news agency Kiodo.

The Fire Department has indicated that the fire started on the fourth floor of the building and has indicated that 28 other people have been injured. At first, the authorities have indicated that 27 people have been rescued without vital signs, although 24 of them have perished.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has expressed his condolences for those killed in the fire. “I pray for the dead in the Osaka fire. I also wish the wounded and injured a speedy recovery. It is a terrible accident,” he said during a press conference.

The fire has been started in a clinic located on the fourth floor of an eight-story building near JR Osaka station and has been extinguished about 25 years later. These sources have indicated that a man would have caused the fire.

Thus, the Police have received information that suggests that the flames started because of a liquid that spilled from a paper bag carried by a man in his 60s, without official confirmation at the moment.

The Osaka Prefectural Police have launched an investigation to clarify the origin of the flames. Nearly 70 crews of firefighters and ambulances have been transferred to the scene to douse the flames and attend to the victims.

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