“Whatever little thing they ask you, you didn’t see anything, you don’t know anything and you don’t know it”: the key testimony of Nancy’s femicide

The body of the victim was found under a subfloor in the home of the main suspect in the case.

The file where the femicide of Nancy videla has a key testimonial: that of a woman who lived in one of the rooms of the house where the victim’s body was found. The same where i lived Damien Lezcano Mendoza, the only detainee and main suspect.

In his statement, this person gave revealing details that allowed investigators to put together part of the sequence before and after the murder. Infobae fully agreed to this text in which, in addition, the judge Diego Slupsky he declared himself incompetent and sent the case to a court in Lomas de Zamora.

On the same Thursday, December 2, when Nancy’s body was found, the investigators, commanded by the prosecutor Marcelo Munilla Lacasa, they took a testimonial statement from one of the tenants who lived in one of the rooms of Lezcano Mendoza’s house. Every word he mentioned, under oath to tell the truth, was vital to the investigation.

DSI began by recounting how long he lived in that place and gave details of how the house with 4 rooms for rent works: He assured that he has been there since November 10 of this year.

According to the woman, the address located in Bucharest at 2531, in the town of Ingeniero Budge, consists of several studio apartments, in one of which lives the owner of the property, the main defendant for the homicide.

The apartment occupied by Lezcano is the one that is entering “from the sidewalk through a corridor to the right, which is seen from the front from the left side” and was used by the witness to cook.

march candles murder nancy videla
Lezcano Mendoza (Luciano González) lives in one of the apartments of this address

According to the DSI version, it was precisely one day when I was cooking at the suspect’s home that “a cell phone rang” that the man of Paraguayan origin “had hidden on top of a small roof.”

The statement states that the defendant quickly “took” the device “turning his back” on his tenant, while trying to silence it by “tapping the screen several times.”

“This is my daughter’s cell phone that she forgot here”, Lezcano would have told the witness, despite the fact that she had not asked him anything about it.

When consulted by the victim, the woman specified that “she had never had a dialogue” with her, but that she did know her because the suspect “had told her that a girl named ‘Nancy’ frequently came to the house to drink mates with him.”

Also, the 70-year-old lender also “had shown her profile picture through the WhatsApp platform”, where he had it scheduled among his contacts, and commented that this image coincided with the one that “appeared on television days later”, when Videla was still being intensely searched.

Likewise, DSI said that the accused for the homicide explained to him that Nancy came from Rosario, that she was alone and that given the shortcomings she had, he helped her: “Look, what a beautiful girl,” he would have told her.

On the other hand, the witness specified that “Lezcano had told him that Nancy had an ex-partner, named Alan, who made her local”, and that every time I spoke with Lezcano it seemed like he was “obsessed with her.”

Damián Lezcano Mendoza - Nancy Case
Damián Lezcano Mendoza remains in detention

Always according to this woman’s account, on one occasion the suspect even asked her for help to check the victim’s Instagram: “Do you know how to handle social networks? Because I really don’t understand and it seems to me that this girl is lying to me, it seems to me that she has a boyfriend “he would have explained.

When she found out that Nancy was missing, the witness assured that “she asked Lezcano for the telephone number, and when she got it she tried to locate the conversation that he had” with the victim, but noted “That it was deleted, as well as the contact.”

Another revealing fact that also draws attention occurred days later, when the woman, who contributed all these key data to the investigation, he saw the defendant open the refrigerator of the apartment and “felt a nauseating smell, as if there were rotten meat”, and argued that the plague became stronger “as the days went by.”

The witness explained that the following Monday Lezcano dug an “L” -shaped well in one of the apartments of the house and told her “that he was doing it in order to fix a pipe, without her having asked him anything about it” . It was in that same place that the defendant later made the subfloor where Nancy’s body was found.

Finally, with the investigation advanced and the Police following his trail, the suspect told the witness: “If they ask you something about Nancy, don’t say anything, because people are very gossipy. Whatever little thing they ask you, you didn’t see anything, you don’t know anything and you don’t know it “.

The 70-year-old Paraguayan builder and lender is accused of “Homicide aggravated by gender violence” (femicide) for the murder of Videla, whom he would have beaten and suffocated, as it became known about the causes of death after the resolution of the autopsy.

This Friday, the man appeared via Zoom in front of the judge Diego Slupski, who at that time was still in charge of the case, and refused to testify, while his defense requested the release.

According to official records, Lezcano already had an accusation in a file for simple homicide in the jurisdiction of La Matanza, investigated by UFI N ° 2 of that Buenos Aires party, still without resolution, dating from 2002 with a conviction of a court in the area.

In the same brief where the witness’s statement appears, Judge Slupski declared himself incompetent and sent the case to a court in Lomas de Zamora: “I believe that the event should be handled by a single court, in this case, where the The victim was seen for the last time (near the Lanús station) and where his body was found, in Ingeniero Budge, Lomas de Zamora ”, said the magistrate.


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