What you must do to participate in Shark Tank México

A few months after the sixth season of Shark Tank México, the program of Sony has already opened its call for those who seek to be heard by the five sharks, that is to say Arturo Elías Ayub, Rodrigo Herrera Aspra, Ana Victoria García, and Marcus Dantus.

The format of this series is that one by one, entrepreneurs of various businesses and innovations should try to sell their project to one of the sharks, who are willing to invest in the companies of the participants in exchange for a percentage of profits.

Due to the risk run by both parties, entrepreneurs they must ensure that their idea is explained in the best possible way and work on your power of conviction; while entrepreneurs will need know every detail in detail before investing a large monetary amount.

The sharks of Shark Tank (Photo: Twitter @SharkTankMex)

The call to participate in the seventh edition of this program is currently available to all audiences, entrepreneurs interested in registering their company or idea need to go to the section on Sony dedicated to Shark Tank México and fill questionnaire.

Before answering the form, entrepreneurs who wish to appear on television must have both their personal contact details like business ones. In addition, it is recommended that you have already structured all the details about your project, such as the history of your business, its valuation, the number of collaborators and even be clear about the investment they are looking for.

After filling in the basic data, entrepreneurs must express that they agree with the way in which Shark Tank will handle your information in a legal manner and then they will be able to submit the form.

Those interested in registering their project must answer a form (Photo: sonychannel.com)
Those interested in registering their project must answer a form (Photo: sonychannel.com)

Later, some selection committee will evaluate each proposal to filter the most ambitious ideas, best explained, with the potential to be accepted by sharks and with greater possibilities of future development. The chosen products may be presented in a chapter of Shark Tank México, season seven.

In the form, the contact information requested is the following:

-Name, age, sex, nationality, address, marital status and date of birth

-Cell phone, home and office phone

-Email, City, State and Zip Code

Later there is a section that aims to contextualize entrepreneurship and consists of the following:

-Explain briefly the history of the person in the business world

-Detail if it is one company with operation or an idea not materialized

– Briefly describe the company

Jorge Vergara at Shark Tank México
Entrepreneurs must consider several aspects in advance (Photo: Sony Channel)

Specific questions about the potential idea in terms of money are as follows:

How much is your company valued at?

-What do you support this valuation on?

-How much is the investment you are looking for?

-Approximately, what percentage of your company are you willing to give up in exchange for this investment?

-What would you use that investment for?

-Is your company, project or product patented or protected by any intellectual property law?

-Do you have more partners in the company?

-How many and what is the percentage that each of them has?

-How many partners are Mexican and how many are foreigners?

Shark Tank México
This format is striking because it evaluates the undertakings (Photo: Sony Channel)

-Where is the company located?

-Fanpage of the business or company (FB)

-Twitter account of the business or company

Some YouTube channels have created content to help and advise new entrepreneurs, since people who have already attended Shark Tank often give recommendations based on your experience; this in order to make your company more attractive to sharks.

On the other hand, on the occasion of the International Day of Entrepreneurial Women, Shark Tank México had three special episodes where companies managed by women were exclusively attended to. The broadcast took place on November 19 and the male sharks were Arturo Elías Ayub and Rodrigo Herrera; while the rest of the places were occupied by Marisa Lazo, Ana Victoria García and Andrea Arnau, who contributed a new vision to the Sony Channel program.


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