Juan Manuel Vargas did not arrive at Real Madrid because of a millionaire exit clause

Juan Manuel Vargas (Photo: AFP)

Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image revealed the mystery about the multiple occasions on which there was speculation about a possible signing with Real Madrid. The ‘Loco’ was at his best at Fiorentina and told his truth.

Luis Guadalupe asked Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image on the veracity of the supposed interest of Real Madrid in having their services. “I know the story, but I want you to tell it. Did you have a specific proposal from Real Madrid?” Said Cuto in an interview with the Trome newspaper ‘La fe del Cuto’.

“There was much speculation”, was the first thing he answered Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image after the direct question of the Cuto, in reference to his possible transfer to Real Madrid.

Between the years 2007 and 201, Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image he deployed his football at Catania and Fiorentina in Italy. Meanwhile, in Peru there was recurrent speculation about a possible Real Madrid. It was never finalized, but the Fool was released some details about it.

They put a clause of 26 million (euros) to buy me. I even fight with the directors of Fiorentina, because I wanted them to sell me after two years, but they wanted the 26 (million) ”, said the ‘Loco’. However, he also clarified that at that time there were other options in Europe.

What’s more, Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image He explained that at the time he could be transferred to Real Madrid, the Brazilian player Felipe Melo was sold to Juventus for an amount close to his termination clause. “They (Fiorentina managers) also wanted the 26 million,” added the former Betis player.

“They put me an exit clause of 26 million. I wanted them to sell me after two years ”.

“Right at that moment (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic cost 20 million, he was already bigger, but (the clubs) came and offered 18 (million) or we give you so much and they did not accept (the leaders of Fiorentina). That’s where I extend my contract for three more years and ask them to raise my salary. Then there were frictions, after six years at the club, “he explained. Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image.

“Yes there was interest from big name teams, but the cost was very high. Yes there was the possibility (of Real Madrid). If they had accepted 20 or 18 (millions) quietly it was something else ”, he concluded.

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In another moment of Luis Guadalupe’s interview with Juan Manuel Vargas, the ‘Loco’ revealed a peculiar anecdote. Cuto’s partner, back then, He was the victim of the occurrences of a former University footballer.


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