Josimar: What will happen to the salsa singer if his marriage is proven to be false?

Josimar will get married this December 11 in the United States. (Photo: Instagram)

A few weeks ago the program Magaly medina showed unpublished images of what was the request of the salsero Josimar to his Cuban girlfriend Yadira Cardenas. Now, the dissemination of a marriage report would confirm that the singer is on his way to the altar.

Although the couple has been in a relationship for a few months, they have decided to take the next step. This decision has raised doubts among his followers, as the salsa singer left Peru, leaving his ex-partner pregnant Maria Fe Saldaña, so many presume that the wedding would be arranged.

According to a comment from Rodrigo gonzalez, Josimar would only be looking to obtain the American residence to stay to work in the North American country, where he would earn up to 40 thousand dollars per presentation.


The doctor Ricardo Marquez, a lawyer specializing in United States law, spoke with Amor y Fuego to give his opinion on the matter, making it clear that many foreigners marry American citizens to obtain citizenship quickly.

When you marry an American citizen you can obtain permanent residence here in the United States. If the person enters the United States with a visa, they can make the adjustment within the United States. They come, they get married, they can stay here immediately … we present the papers, the petition and when everything is approved, make their adjustment and they receive residency here”, Explained the specialist.

Likewise, the lawyer pointed out that Josimar must follow a whole process after getting married, since they do not give him the resident papers instantly, but it can take between 6 months and a year for them to be delivered.


As it is a wedding that will take place in a short time of relationship, the US authorities possibly investigated Josimar. For this reason, the salsa singer must prove with evidence that his relationship is real and that he is marrying for love.

However, if the authorities discover that he paid the Cuban to marry him to obtain residency, the salsa singer could be deported and his entry to the United States would be totally prohibited, while the Cuban Yadira Cárdenas could go to prison.


After revealing that Josimar will marry Yadira CardenasMany have wondered how the salsero got to know the Cuban. According to a report by Amor y Fuego, the singer’s new girlfriend is 29 years old and has American nationality. She owns a beauty salon in Orlando, Florida, and has been seen hanging out with Pedro Gallese and his wife.


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