Johanna San Miguel is furious with the production of Esto es Guerra and leaves the set: “I prefer to return to the other channel”

Johanna San Miguel is upset with the production of Esto es Guerra. (Photo: TV Capture)

In the absence of Gian Piero Díaz, María Pía Copello came to Esto es Guerra to host the reality show with Johanna San Miguel. As soon as he made his entry, the influencer put the points on the i’s and asked the Court who of the two he preferred to stay in the program.

You have the final word, Johanna or me?”Was the question that the infant examiner asked. “Do you really want me to answer that question? Difficult is not”Said part of the production.

Immediately, Johanna San Miguel She made it clear that she was the founder of EEG, so she would have a higher preference, so she warned her partner that the best thing she could do was to give up knowing the answer.

However, the Court had no problem responding, leaving the drivers and the members of the reality show surprised. “They are both very dear to me, but if I have to choose one, I stay with Miss María Pía Copello“, said.

Upon hearing the Court’s response, Johanna San Miguel showed her total indignation and the first thing she did was put her microphone on the ground and then leave the television set.

Also, while walking away, the actress asked for a mike to go to the EEG production. “It really happened, to production and to everyone, I prefer to go back to the other channel, sit and gain 20 kilos to what you just told me“, he pointed.

Although María Pía tried to put cold cloths on the situation, Johanna San Miguel indicated that she was quite hurt by the Court’s words, to the point of crying. “All because of the one back there”, He said in reference to the infantile cheerleader.


The program On everyone’s lips invited the actors in its edition of November 30 Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlin to promote your next virtual play for Christmas and to participate in a fun question and answer sequence.

Given the recent rumors that Gian Piero Díaz could leave Esto es Guerra to work for another television channel, the magazine’s production prepared a question that surprised everyone.

Would you like me to be your partner in EEG conduction?”Was the question that the comic actor read to the current host of This is War.

Amid laughter, the actress replied that she would undoubtedly like to have her former partner from “Pataclaun” by her side. “My answer is that I think I could not have a better pair than you, definitely”.


Johanna San Miguel, did not appear on November 23 to host the program. In his replacement was the ex-warrior, Yaco Eskenazi. Likewise, Erick Elera and Gian Piero Díaz were the hosts of the reality show.

The absence of the actress was noted so she decided to comment on it. Through her stories on Instagram, the comedian explained the reason why she missed Esto es Guerra.

Hi guys, as you can see, today (November 23) I did not go to the program. I am with hoarseness that is different from hoarseness. Yesterday I had an injection and today also and I have not spoken anything all day, he indicated.


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