Gian Piero Díaz returns to Esto es Guerra and plays with his possible exit from reality in 2022

Gian Piero Díaz claims Johanna San Miguel. (Photo: América TV)

Gian Piero Diaz He was absent this last Thursday to Esto es Guerra and thanked the production for giving him a day off. However, he did not hesitate to make a strong claim to his partner Johanna San Miguel, who drove this December 2 with María Pía Copello.

Gian Piero recalled that the actress said in En boca de todos that “I couldn’t have a better pair than Carlin.”

The driver faced her for saying this, knowing that a replacement was being sought for him in This is War.

“I just remembered that he said: ‘I couldn’t have a better pair than Carlin'”the actor began.

“I was considering that Carlín be my replacement in 2022 and you (said it), without disgust, thinking that I was not watching ‘En Boca de todos'”, said the TV host, who jokingly pointed out that he asked his mother for the tape recorder when he saw the host on the afternoon program.

Gian Piero Díaz angry with Johanna San Miguel.  (Photo: Instagram)
Gian Piero Díaz angry with Johanna San Miguel. (Photo: Instagram)

In this way, Gian Piero Díaz played with the rumors that are being woven about his possible departure from Esto es Guerra. As it is remembered, the host of Amor y Fuego slipped the actor’s name as the future pull of Willax. Likewise, he also indicated that with him, Rossana Fernández Maldonado and Mr. Peet would enter the television station.

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