Former Mancera official accused of illicit enrichment was linked to the process

Serna held various positions in the public administration of CDMX between 2008 and 2018 (Photo: FGJCDMX)

Julio Cesar Serna, former chief of staff during the administration of Miguel Angel Mancera in Mexico City, he was linked to proceedings, accused of the crime ofand illicit enrichment, by a control judge.

During the hearing on Friday, December 3, which began at 11 a.m., the judge issued six months for the closure of the complementary investigation and upheld the precautionary measure of preventive detention.

In that way, Serna – who He was also the campaign manager for the Mancera- You must continue with your process from the North Prison of the Mexican capital.

The judge also ratified the immobilization of your accounts.

Serna was captured on the night of November 27 in Mexico City (Photo: Twitter / @ LaGrillo90)
Serna was captured on the night of November 27 in Mexico City (Photo: Twitter / @ LaGrillo90)

According to a statement from the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, the official could have used such charges “to increase his assets unjustifiably and without proving his legitimate origin.”

Serna He was apprehended on the night of November 27 in the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood, in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

A day later, the head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum reported that the capture of Serna could be given thanks to the information provided by Miguel Ángel Vázquez, former undersecretary of the Secretariat for Administration and Finance, also known as the “Czar of the payroll” in the administration of Miguel Ángel Mancera (2012-2018).

Already in September 2019, the Comptroller’s Office resolved disqualify Serna for a period of 10 years from exercising public service for having incurred in irregularities such as the sale and illegal allocation of warehouses during his tenure as General Director of the Central de Abasto.

The CDMX Prosecutor’s Office reported shortly after his capture that the official was also related to an investigation folder for his probable participation in the commission of the crime of Misuse of Powers and Powers Committed by Public Servants, and in another, initiated in the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in Iztapalapa, for their probable participation in the commission of the crime of Damage to the Property of Others.

(Photo: Twitter / @puntoporpunto)
(Photo: Twitter / @puntoporpunto)

According to the agency, after analyzing Serna’s assets, it was found that the assets he has and his expenses did not correspond to the income he obtained during the positions he held, so his resources could have originated in the Tax on Income (ISR) contributed by workers of the public administration of the Mexican capital.

Serna’s is not the only case of a former Mancera administration official investigated for a crime.

Just last November 30, they linked the process to Miguel Ángel Estrada Garavilla, former legal director of the then Urban Management Agency (AGU), for his probable participation in the crime committed by public servants in tax matters and cause a patrimonial detriment. In this case, the judge set within two months for the closure of the complementary investigation.

In July 2017, in his capacity as a public servant attached to the Urban Management Agency (AGU), Estrada Garavilla could have participated in the hiring a company to perform services, which could be performed by AGU staff, causing a patrimonial detriment of 29 million 116 thousand pesos.

Said negligence was noticed in 2020 and reported to the FGJCDMX and, derived from the investigations, the case was judicialized, which allowed request a hearing before the control judge who linked him to the process.


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