El “Lagarto”, the main dealer of drugs and weapons in the south of CDMX, fell

Jorge Cruz Camacho, the lizard I the Oaxaco, He was detained by agents of the capital city police, as he is identified as a drug dealer and arms dealer for various criminal groups, as well as an alleged invader of properties in the south of Mexico City.

According to the investigations, Cruz Camacho was associated with the Agustín López Robles cell, Don Agus, captured on February 6 of this year. But he also taught his buyers how to cook and dose drugs to obtain higher profits.

Presumably, he managed to evade the authorities by settling for short periods in the homes of relatives in the Ajusco area, although he always tried to be near a wooded area in case he needed to flee. The same changed vehicles and avoid being detected.

El Lagarto is also located as an operator in the sale of weapons and ammunition of various calibers, with which it strengthens the fire capacity of criminal cells in the country’s capital.

Supposedly he is responsible for the invasion and dispossession of properties in the Ajusco, where he located properties that, apparently, did not have an owner. Later, he carried out legal procedures to register them in his name or that of relatives, as well as his circle of acquaintances.

To do this, it hired lawyers who, if they did not comply with the speeding up of the process, were threatened and even beaten and abandoned in vacant lots as a method of pressure.

Cruz Camacho has tastes in the style of capos within the Republic. Despite operating in an urban area, where other leaders have acquired hobbies for clubs, branded clothing or trips abroad, the lizard He acted in the style of criminal bosses in Michoacán, Jalisco, Sinaloa or Guerrero.

He liked to participate in horse races, as well as cockfights. Of these animals he had several high value specimens, with which he went to rodeos, palenques, private parties or clandestine celebrations in Toluca, State of Mexico. In those sprees, bets of large monetary sums were gambled.

In 2007, he had entered the South Men’s Preventive Prison for drug trafficking in its form of possession of cocaine, as well as illegal charges for carrying weapons reserved for the Army. In 2014, he fell in the Federal Center for Social Readaptation No. 5 in Aldama, Veracruz, also for crimes against health. He was released and went back to business.

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