Chivas’ own goal that gave the Eagles victory in the quarterfinals

The Eagles of America and the Chivas of Club Deportivo Guadalajara starred in the fourth edition of the National Classic in the league of the Liga MX Femenil. The team led by Craig Harrington knew how to take advantage of the local role, despite the fact that the fans of the visiting team outnumbered the Azulcremas fans. Although they were superior on paper, an own goal by the rojiblancas players was the determining factor for the Coapa players to dream of going to the semifinal.

The outlook was adverse for the locals. Despite playing at home, the followers of the chiverío began to flood the surroundings of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula with a notable numerical superiority. However, America knew how to plan the game and they fought from the beginning to have possession of the ball. The pressure on the goal of Celeste Espino was latent despite the voices of the Stadium chanting “Chivas!”

The offensive charge led by Daniela Espinosa and Sarah Luebbert It did not delay in giving results and just 10 minutes later the Eagles had already opened the scoring. As a result of the constant stalking, the Guadalajara players committed a foul on the rival team near the right wing and the Eagles enjoyed a great opportunity from the set piece.

Eva gonzalez He asked for the ball and watched the area dance. Once the whistle whistled to resume the match, she outlined and centered the ball to the area of ​​the penalty spot. The Chivas goalkeeper made a correct reading of the play and managed to arrive in time to stop a header with goal direction. However, the rejection remained at the feet of the American forward, who shot without consideration and almost pierced the inner web of rivals.

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