What is tempranillo, the drink that sparked mockery against Lucía Méndez

Two months ago, Matilde Obregon interviewed Lucia Mendez on how he had kept his music career going for five decades. In this conversation, the actress also said that, during the Coronavirus lockdownThe landscape of the streets without people seemed depressing to him and despite not having that custom, I preferred to hang out with a red wine sweet taste that her friend had given her.

The way he described the drink made Matilde will immediately identify her as “tempranillo”, but the singer confused the word with the expression “Very early” in diminutive and he confessed that he did drink in the mornings.

At that time the funny moment did not acquire relevance, but on December 2, the actor Diego Alfaro cut the clip on Twitter and Lucía Méndez’s mistake went viral.

This is how tempranillo grapes are in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California (Photo: Carlos Mejia / Flicker) (Carlos Mejia /)

The name of this drink originates from the kind of spanish grape with which it is produced, according to Carlos Serres, a blog about this type of drink, wine has 90% of these fruits, which give it the sweet taste.

Another characteristic of tempranillo is that has between 11 and 14 degrees of alcohol, in addition to the fact that your maturation in oak barrels it does not exceed a year and a half.

Tempranillo wines produced in countries such as Spain, Portugal, United States and Australia They have a designation of origin for the species of grape with which they are made. The mild aroma and its low degree of alcohol make it considered even an aperitif and it does not tend to make people intoxicated in a rush.

(Photo: Instagram / @ luciamendezof)
Thanks to tempranillo, Lucía Méndez is producing an album (Photo: Instagram / @ luciamendezof)

The description that Lucía Méndez gave during the interview encompasses the characteristics of Tempranillo:

“A very good little wine that a friend gave me who is an incredible wine tasting woman and she gave me the wine. It tasted delicious, it didn’t taste so strong, because that’s how I get drunk, when alcohol does not taste like alcohol; and it tasted like grapes to me because it was a very young wine. She explained to me that when the grape is young it is less strong, “he said.

As part of the pleasant conversation, Matilde Obregón pointed out that it was possibly a “tempranillo”. However, the actress did not understand it that way and confused the name of the fruit with the way to name the morning of the day, This caused him to “confess” his morning consumption of this drink.

(Capture: @ etoEMldato / Instagram)
The error unleashed some memes (Capture: @ etoEMldato / Instagram)

“It was a tempranillo for sure”commented the journalist. “Yes, it was like 11 in the morning and I said no, give it, give it, give it. Then, half a jug, I stood up and said: ‘I have to do something for Mexico,’ “he continued. This moment inspired the production of My mexico, the last project of the singer.

Actor Diego Alfaro took the video, posted it on his Twitter account and wrote: “This could be part of The Office”, Referring to the well-known television series. Capi perez he retweeted the fragment and also commented with his characteristic sense of humor: “This video from “tempranillo”.

As Lucía Méndez would say, tempranillo or afternoon, you have to say health”,“ They sleep early or Lucía Méndez is going to appear ”,“We drink tempranillo, no, better later“,” I want to drink from Tempranillo like Lucía Méndez “, were some comments made by other users of the platform due to the confusion of the actress.


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