Wanda Nara’s children made the list for Santa Claus and asked for the most unusual gifts

“Is there something you don’t know? Kenny is a hairdresser and make-up artist all year round, but at Christmas, he is Santa Claus ”, he explains. Wanda Nara his youngest daughter Isabella. Thus began a series of videos that the businesswoman was hanging on her Instagram in a family desktop. It turns out that the youngest daughter Wanda had with Mauro Icardi He ate ice cream while answering questions from his mother. “Issue, Do you think Kenny is chubby?

After the revelation that the hairdresser was in charge of distributing the gifts during Christmas, the list of orders they wrote began to circulate while the whole family ate ice cream at the table and laughed at the occurrences of the smallest: “Everything What I tell you, look, you have to bring it to me, Santa Claus, eh ”. Toys, clothes and technological gadgets, nothing was missing!

Dear Santa Claus, I would like a mesh of horses and for my sister a mesh of anything”Wanda began by reading the list that Francesca Icardi had written and where she also included the gifts that her younger sister expected to receive, who cannot take care of her letter because she is just beginning to read and write.

Disoriented that she had not specified what reason she wanted her mesh for, Isabella explained to her family that she had already made the decision: “From unicorns!” “I want a computer, a Sofi slyme, fake nails. Could that be Santa Claus? ”, The mother continued reading. “Oh and some flip flops, don’t you have flip flops?” He asked. “Yes, but it is very hot in Argentina,” the little girl replied in relation to the fact that the whole family will come to the country in a few days to spend the holidays and their vacations in the house they have in the private Santa Bárbara neighborhood.

The house in question is the one that Maxi and Wanda shared when they were married and it was part of the agreement they made a few months ago through which they left behind their differences in the past and the crossed legal cases they had. In this way, the mother of Valentino, Constantino and Benedict he stayed with the home in exchange for paying the food quota debt that López had contracted.

Taking advantage of the school break, the children will come to spend the holidays in Argentina (Photos: @wanda_icardi)

“Is there anything else you want to add in case Santa can’t find his nails?” Wanda asked her daughters. To which Francesca unexpectedly replied: “A fernet for daddy”, which aroused general laughter, even from Icardi himself who was at the end of the table serving ice cream. “Shame on the baby to say this,” Wanda replied.

Isabella also recommended to Valentino, her older brother, that he ask her “to teach him how to put on a hat and to teach him to play soccer” and went to the makeup artist: “Kenny you have to teach him.”

At the time of counting the gifts that Wanda Nara herself would ask Santa Claus, she clarified her intention and threw a stick at her husband: “I behaved very well this year, so well that I made the list on a toilet paper roll of the amount of things I ordered, so Santa Claus is going to bring me many things ”. As a suggestion for her gifts, Isabela advised her to order “necklaces and perfumes.”

A fun night with the family, after the marriage crisis, setting the Christmas scene.


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