This is how Lucerito Mijares defended inclusive language

Lucerito defended inclusive language (Photo: Instagram / @ luceromijaresofc)

Lucerito Mijares surprised netizens after be in favor of inclusive language and give some examples of how it can be used.

It was on the social network of TikTok where the daughter of Lucero and Mijares appeared with Gerry Pérez Brown, with whom she has shared the scene in the play The cage of the crazy women. Thus, on this occasion the two friends urged users to send a direct message to say what the word meant to them sisters, which can be understood as: sister, friend and fag.

In this sense, Perez Brown mentioned that interested parties could send even a single word about what this term connoted for them and thus they could be “members” because “they are not members” of the hermanikas.

Nevertheless, Lucerito Mijares quickly intervened in the situation and stressed that perhaps the best option would be to say “members”. To which his companion applauded the proposal and mentioned that he loved that term.

Users quickly began to react and many pointed out that they wanted to join the brotherhood, in addition to praising the artist’s charisma.

Lucerito is very loved by Internet users (Photo: Instagram / @ luceromijaresh)
Lucerito is very loved by Internet users (Photo: Instagram / @ luceromijaresh)

“Lucero is beautiful like your mother, but you also look like your dad”, “I want to be a member, I don’t know if I meet the requirements but I want to”, “little sister, I’m your fan, Lucero Mijares, you are unique”Are some of the comments that appear in the publication.

Although some people in show business are against inclusive language, there are others, like Regina Blandón, who constantly defend it.

And it is that the daughter of actor Roberto Blandón has shown her support in social networks and interviews feminist, pro-choice and sexual diversity movements; and in recent months, the also standup He reaffirmed his support for the respect of the pronouns of each person.

The actress who rose to fame more than a decade ago as “Biby” from The P. Luche family raised his voice to give arguments in favor of non-binary people and at the same time justified the use of inclusive language. “In this account we support la bandita nb (not binary) and we respect their pronouns, ”tweeted the actress who has almost 682,000 followers on the short message social network.

Thus, while on the one hand there are those who are in favor of respect for all gender identities and individual forms of expressionThere are also those who find the subject irrelevant or who have even assured that using pronouns like “elle” would be an affront to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

The actress has positioned herself in favor of inclusive language (Photo: reginablandon / Instagram)
The actress has positioned herself in favor of inclusive language (Photo: reginablandon / Instagram)

For example, comedian Freddy Ortega from The mascabrothers it has rejected inclusive language outright.

“It seems to me that there is a divided situation with the things that are said and not with those that are done, because we are dividing ourselves, we are separating ourselves more. Instead of saying ‘the black crayon’, we have to say ‘an African-American crayon’, there is no chile that fits us. In my case I think differently. In fact I pitorreo of that “, began to tell the actor to Infobae Mexico recently.

And is that for Freddy, using neutral pronouns, such as the use of the “e” when naming people, It is an affront to the Spanish language, a consideration that he does not intend to take into account for the realization of their work.

“We have a beautiful language and now they want to make it inclusive, aha, how are we going to say ‘I’m sorry’ in inclusive language? They won’t like it there. Why do they say ‘children’ and generalize? Well, as we say ‘life’, I am life too and I am a man ”, he declared.


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