They arrested a Mexican involved in money laundering of the former private secretary of the Kirchners

Daniel Muñoz with Néstor Kirchner

Isaac Eugenio Esparza Hidalgo, a 44-year-old Mexican citizen, who is dedicated to promoting sports betting and predictions in Monterrey, was arrested due to an international arrest warrant issued by an Argentine federal court.

According to the Mexican newspaper The North of Monterrey, Esparza Hidalgo was arrested at the intersection of Jardín del Edén and Del Refugio streets in the Jardín de las Torres neighborhood, while driving a Honda City car. Esparza They transferred him to Mexico City to be handed over to Interpol.

An international arrest warrant weighed over Esparza Hidalgo because he is the owner -at least on paper- of part of the fortune of Daniel Munoz, the former secretary of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner that washed abroad about 70 million dollars.

The arrest warrant was signed in February 2019 by the late judge Claudio Bonadio when the international network of the money laundering organization managed by Muñoz, the primary recipient of the bribery bags that were paid during the Kirchner years, had been discovered. The laundering investigation against Muñoz and his partners and relatives was opened as a derivation of the Cuadernos Case.

On that occasion, the arrest of Esparza Hidalgo and three lawyers, an accountant and an investor from Miami and Turks and Caicos had been requested. It was detected thanks to the confession of Carolina Pochetti, widow of the millionaire former private secretary of the Kirchners, who part of the money obtained illegally went to an investment in Turks and Caicos.

Isaac Esparza in one of his videos posted on social networks (Infobae)

In the same sense he had declared as repentant Carlos Gellert, cousin Pochetti. They had both said that the final destination of the money – about $ 30 million – was a project under construction in Providenciales, one of the islands northwest of the Turks and Caicos archipelago which is a dependent overseas territory of Great Britain.

The investment was made with two companies called Marble Hill and Wood Haven, created by order of Pochetti a Gellert, who gave the technical details of how the money was handled and the constitution of the companies. These two companies are in the name of Esparza Hidalgo, Gellert’s Mexican friend who was arrested in Monterrey.

In 2019 when he was consulted by InfobaeEsparza Hidalgo had said that he did not know Muñoz or the rest of the people named in the money laundering case. There was one exception: his only link to the case was Gellert, whom he did know for 20 years from playing poker in Monterrey, Mexico.

The story goes that between Gellert and Esparza Hidalgo there was a gambling debt and the Mexican ended up signing some papers without asking too much. They were the documents that made him the owner of a piece of land on the paradise island of Turks and Caicos., where Muñoz, his wife and his partners planned to build a tourist complex that came to nothing. “As far as I know, there would be no counter-document related to Esparza Hidalgo’s ownership of the Turks and Caicos companies. He doesn’t know what he has in his name ”, Gellert had declared in the Buenos Aires federal court.

The money laundering case carried out by Daniel Muñoz is rooted in federal court 11 which is currently in charge of Julian Ercolini who will have to carry out the procedures for the extradition of Esparza Hidalgo.

The process to recover the illegal money that Muñoz invested in Turks and Caicos began more than a year ago. In Turks and Caicos they detected the four parcels that the companies used by Muñoz bought and the immobilization of those assets was ordered. The money that can be recovered from this operation will be brought to Argentina and confiscated as a result of corruption, which in this case is not controversial. The authors confessed.


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