The head of ANSES announced that a year-end bonus for retirees is being evaluated

(Maximiliano Luna)

The executive director of ANSES, Fernanda Raverta, assured in Miramar that the agency “is evaluating a year-end bonus for retirees.” However, the possibility of an extra payment for older adults had been ruled out by the government spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, just 24 hours before at a press conference.

“In December, retirees will receive 12.11% of the quarterly increase and, like every year, they will be receiving the half bonus”Raverta said at a press conference with the local media that came to cover the inauguration of a new ANSES office in Miramar.

And he added: “As we have been doing since we took office as government, we continue to think about how to get there, serve and better assist our retirees and, that is why, we are evaluating the possibility of a year-end bonus”.

Yesterday, Cerruti He denied the possibility of the national government granting an additional bonus for retirees or other beneficiaries of social plans, beyond the 1,100,000 people included in the Work Enhancement Plan who on December 20 will receive a “bonus” of $ 8,000.

It is not being evaluated, there is no such possibility at this time. The Empower Plan every year pays in December a kind of Christmas bonus because it is a plan that is designed with another type of work, it is a social plan linked to work ”, he expressed in his usual press conference every Thursday.

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