The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights denounced more than 1,100 repressive actions of the dictatorship in November

Protesters in front of the Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) while they are mounted on a truck on a street in Havana (EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa / File)

Cuban authorities committed at least 1,130 “repressive actions” in November, according to him Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH), which attributes the increase in abuse to attempts by the regime to restrict the opposition’s room for maneuver before the protests scheduled for the 15th.

Of these “repressive actions” against activists, dissidents, journalists and artists, 197 corresponded to “arbitrary detentions”, 14 of them violent.

What’s more, house siege increased -485, according to the OCDH-, including that of the artist Yunior Garcia, promoter of the mobilizations of 15N and who traveled to Spain.

The opposition organization has also included in its balance 182 police subpoenas, 115 cases of threats and 99 harassments, including those of at least 80 activists who suffered the interruption of Internet or telephone service.

The Executive Director of the Observatory, Alejandro Gonzalez Raga, stressed in a statement that these data, “always partial”, evidence the decision of the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime to prevent “at any price” mobilizations such as those that took place in July.

Therefore, consider “essential” that “the international community demands from Havana the cessation of such harmful practices and the immediate release of all political prisoners”.

Protests against the Cuban regime in Havana on July 11 (REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini)
Protests against the Cuban regime in Havana on July 11 (REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini)

New sanctions

The United States this week sanctioned nine Cuban officials with new visa restrictions, in a new action aimed at putting pressure on the Castro regime.

Through his Twitter account, the Secretary of State, Antony Blinkannounced the measure, which consists of visa restrictions to penalize “those who undermine the ability of the Cuban people to improve their political, economic and security conditions”.

We support the Cuban people in their fight for fundamental freedoms”He added.

The decision was made in light of the repressive measures adopted by the regime against the protesters who wanted to mobilize on November 15. Among the nine sanctioned are officials of the Ministry of the Interior and the Cuban Armed Forces, although the statement does not give details about their identities.

The United States had previously warned Cuba that it was prepared to continue with sanctions “if repression and human rights abuses do not stop”.

The government of President Joe Biden applied sanctions last July against the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) of Cuba, Álvaro López-Miera, and an elite military unit popularly known as “Black wasps” or “black berets”, for his role in the repression of the anti-government protests of 11J.

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