The 7 unmissable chapters of “The queen of flow 2”

The second season of The queen of flow, which ended last September 10 in Snail Television and is available in Netflix, has enormous popularity in Latin America: it tops the rankings from Mexico to Argentina, from Colombia to Peru. Interest in the series they star in Carolina Ramírez, Carlos Torres and Juan Manuel Restrepo placeholder image, to which they joined Lucho Velasco and Marcelo Dos Santos, does not decline: more and more public wants to know if Yeimy Montoya will forgive Charly Flow and give him a second chance or if he will defend the family he formed with Juancho and Emilio.

The Colombian production of Teleset and Sony Pictures It also includes strong subplots, with powerful enemies such as Catalina and Manín and the intervention of the local police and the Administration for Drug Control (give) U.S. The mix of music, crime and passion seems unbeatable. These seven featured chapters among the 90 episodes of The queen of flow 2 they are proof of that success. Attention: contains spoilers.

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Chapter 1: An Ancient Enemy Returns

Yeimy sings at a massive show, after which he announces that he will no longer perform any more but will instead devote himself to songwriting and production. Soon she feels someone is following her, and fears that Dúver Cruz is behind that surveillance operation. Charly, arrested, is preparing to organize a concert in the prison when he learns that the justice has scheduled a hearing to review his case. Juanjo refuses to sell Surround Vibes to Mike Rivera, a huge competitor of the production company, and thus makes a new enemy.

At that time the DEA offers a treatment similar to the one that Yeimy accepted in the first season: the face of the bald man who accepts it and who will have a new identity as Albeiro Rosales is not seen. In Medellín, that man meets with the man who follows Yeimy and with Charly’s lawyer.

Chapter 9: Yeimy confronts Charly

Mike Rivera presents Charly as the great star of his production company in Medellín. Yeimy thinks about how to stop this move that also threatens Surround Vibes. It is morning, very early, and she is exercising when an idea occurs to her: what if she returned to the stage?

At the big announcement party, Yeimy confronta a CharlyWhy did he keep her going, why the threats, why did he try to kidnap Juanjo’s son? But Charly, safe again in his position as a star, makes fun of her: what’s wrong with him, is she in love with him? Furious, Yeiny throws the contents of a glass at him. Charly’s lawyer rejects her: she has no evidence to make a complaint, so why does she insist? Taking advantage of the conflict between Yeimy and Charly, Juanjo’s ex-wife asks for full custody of their son, Emilio.

Chapter 33: The Separation

The romance between Juancho and Yeimy endangers his custody of his son. (Caracol Television / Netflix)

Juancho suffers from the possibility of losing custody of his son, and when he understands it Yeimy ask him to separate. That alone would guarantee you keep custody. Juancho doubts but accepts; When he announces it to Catalina, she cancels the lawsuit and they return to share Emilio’s guardianship.

Mike Rivera is preparing a great concert and looking for an artist who can replace Irma. Erick tries to revive Irma, but she asks him to leave her alone: ​​seeing him is like remembering that he and his family are involved in his father’s death.

Meanwhile, the police are checking Albeiro Rosales’s property in search of proof of his true identity: he is Manín, Charly’s drug trafficker uncle.

Chapter 40: The Attack

The queen of flow 2 2
By order of Manín, Titano shoots at Yeimy, who falls seriously wounded. (Caracol Television / Netflix)

Manín orders the murder of Yeimy to Titano. While she is filming the clip for “Seven lives”, her new song, Titano shoots and Yeimy falls wounded. Although Charly Flow had tried to dissuade his uncle, Manín had warned him: “I am going to kill Yeimy Montoya on that stage, in front of everyone, on that stage. And you are going to show me your loyalty by staying seated ”.

Juancho rushes to help her while the ambulance arrives; check it’s a gunshot wound. At the hospital, Yeimy enters the operating room. The air in the waiting room is unbreathable until the doctor comes out and announces that the necklace that Juancho had given him saved his life. Yeimy is in critical condition, however, and with brain swelling from the blow he received when he fell.

While the press reports that the queen of flow lives, Charly tells his lawyer what happened and Manín, frustrated, sends Titano to the hospital to complete his criminal assignment.

Chapter 73: Charly kidnaps Juancho

The queen of flow 2
To rescue his mother, Charly must prove his loyalty to his uncle and kidnap Juancho. (Caracol Television / Netflix)

Titano fails in his attempt to poison Yeimy, disappearing both to avoid Manin’s wrath and to attempt the assassination again: he sets out to guard Yeimy’s house and, at the slightest carelessness of the guards, kill her.

Charly, meanwhile, succumbs to another test of his uncle and, to rescue his mother, kidnaps Juancho who, understanding the situation in the hiding place where Charly and Drama Key took him, accepts the fact in exchange for being told to his family that he is fine. Yeimy, on the other hand, does not receive the news and despairs.

Manín escapes with Ligia, without showing the slightest intention of freeing her. They are accompanied by Charon, the only support Dúver Cruz has left: the police are closely following in their footsteps.

Chapter 84: Yeimy vs. Mike

The queen of flow 2
In her competition against Yeimy, Mike Rivera makes a mistake and she sues him. (Caracol Television / Netflix)

Yeimy sues Mike Rivera for the song “Destino”, which the producer took credit for and got Irma and Sandee to record together. In addition to forcing him to admit that the song is hers, Yeimy wants to defeat Mike by creating an unbeatable competition for him: he proposes to Juancho and Charly that they set up an independent production company with her. Soul & Bass, aspire, will be a successful new music label.

Meanwhile Titano, who is still behind Yeimy, kidnaps Erik, the son of the queen of flow; To confuse the crime scene, the men who kidnap him also take Irma away.

Chapter 90: Yeimy Chooses Between Charly and Juancho

Via Instagram - carocali
Yeimy examines her feelings: does she love Charly or does she love Juancho? (Caracol Television / Netflix)

In this second season Yeimy ended up admitting that he still loved Charly. Although they were back together, Manín and other negative forces separated them. On the other hand, Juancho’s return also stirred her feelings for him. In this confusion, the queen of flow will debate until a letter that Ligia shared on the occasion of her wedding leads her to decide.

When he is about to tell Juancho that they will be good friends but will stay with Charly, Mike Rivera kidnaps her. One of his employees, to whom he offers to pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment, agrees to take care of her, but when he sees that she is the queen of flow, whose music motivates his daughter in her fight against cancer, he saves her. Mike, meanwhile, tries to escape from the police, but has an accident.

Upon returning home, Yeimy finds that Charly has signed some documents to return the songs he stole from him in the past. He promises not to interfere in his life and goes to prepare his trip to Japan, where his daughter is. Yeimy talks to Juancho and, after saying goodbye on the best terms, he appears by surprise at Charly’s house to claim that he has not said goodbye properly.


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