Strong judicial setback for Julieta Prandi: she must re-link her son with her ex, or she could lose custody

Julieta Prandi

Since she separated from who her husband was Claudio Contardi, Julieta Prandi maintains a legal dispute with him for the visitation regime, among other things. While a little over two months ago she reported that he had withdrawn them from school without permission, the judge issued a resolution in order to restore the bond between the minors and their father.

“It is a resolution in the court of San Isidro in the case that he initiated against her”, presented Carlos Monti in Us in the morning. “It will attract attention,” warned the journalist and explained: “The judge decides to order Mrs. Julieta Prandi to give strict compliance from this date, what is strict compliance? The fulfillment of the chocos going to the psychologist for the complaints ”.

Then he continued reading: “Intimate Mrs. Julieta Prandi to strictly comply as of this, to the current communication regime between the parent and the child”. And he explained: “Julieta did not allow the father to bond with the child and the judge says’under warning of a new failure to provide precautionary within 24 hours the change of personal care of the minor in the head of his parent and establish a communication regime in his favor ‘”.

To make it simpler, Monti explained: “What the judge says is, ‘I allowed the youngest son to re-bond with the father again because otherwise I will remove him.’ It called my attention. It must have hit him like a bucket of cold water. She was encouraged to encourage contact and re-bonding of the minors with the father, since, if not, her possession could be taken away ”.

In happier times, when they celebrated their marriage
In happier times, when they celebrated their marriage

At the beginning of October the model had denounced her ex-husband for having taken one of her children from her home without her permission.. “If you want me to give it back, send me to the police”, The employer would have told the babysitter that he was at home at the time he removed the minor.

“There was an episode these weekend days of shock with his ex-partner, a few days before the Justice had decided to grant Mr. Contardi permission for his children to spend the night at his house with him. The following day, Julieta Prandi, through her lawyer, presented a brief appealing that decision. She asked that they be with the father, but that they sleep at his house. The day after this appeal, Contardi went to Julieta Prandi’s house and withdrew one of the boys ”, Ariel Wolman began explaining in Us in the morning at that time.

Then he continued: “Prandi was not aware of this, when she got home she found out. Taking into account all the antecedents that exist between them, with complaints of violence included, she filed a criminal complaint in Olivos where she says that the father withdrew the minor without permission and cites Contardi’s very harsh words towards her in the complaint ”.

In March of this year, she detailed what she lived with her ex-husband, whom she denounced for violence. “There is no measure to suspend the regime, there is no perimeter, not even my children were heard and that is why we recused the judge. The oldest (of his children) today does not want to be with his dad, who left him ten days ago at the door of my house with my employee. He left them like two garbage bags and it was not the first act of abandonment, I denounced it there and nothing happened, “said the model.

“I left (his home) in February 2019, it took eight or nine months for Mateo to speak. There I found out that since I had left and He had brought a woman, Cinthia, into my house, who is his partner, but my children had to tell me that she was the babysitter. That woman in turn has a 12 or 13-year-old daughter, who slept with my son in the same bed, and Rocco, the youngest, was put into the double bed between him and his girlfriend. When they spoke on the phone they couldn’t tell me what was happening and, of course, the father would type in what they had to say. In the house, they had to refer to me as ‘la whore’”, He recounted.


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