Ranking Netflix in Uruguay: Top 10 of today’s most viewed series Thursday, December 02

What do you prefer: boring in an endless search for series or to enjoy of the emotion of these same series? The difference is just one click away!

On your platform streaming, Netflix has a list of the latest trends in your content in Uruguay, where they are cataloged according to the preferences of all users. All in real time! So, instead of going hunting to find what you are looking for, better lie down on the couch and delight yourself with new sensations.

1. The Queen of Flow

The series takes place in the seductive environment of reggaeton, a genre that has taken over the world. This is the story of Yeimy Montoya, a talented young songwriter who pays an unjust sentence in a New York prison after being deceived by Charly, the man she loves and who later steals her songs, with which she manages to achieve fame and become in a star. Yeimy’s only wish is to go out and exact revenge against all those who ended his life and his family.

2. Lost in Space

After a crash landing on an unknown planet, the Robinson family desperately struggles to survive and escape, but is surrounded by hidden dangers.

3. Elves

The Christmas vacation of a teenage girl and her family turns into a real nightmare when they discover the ancient threat that threatens their island retreat.

4. The assistant

After escaping an abusive relationship, a young mother finds work as a maid as she struggles to care for her daughter and create a better future for both of them.

5. A very real story

After a night in Philadelphia with his brother who threatens to sabotage more than just his success, a famous comedian desperately seeks a way out.

6. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The plot revolves around the story of the Joestar lineage, a powerful family of British origin destined to combat evil supernatural forces using acquired powers; the work encompasses several generations of said lineage, which are adapted in each part with a descendant as the protagonist, beginning with Jonathan in 1880. The name “JoJo”, present in the title of the work, consists of a play on words composed of the name of the protagonists of each part, which can be abbreviated as “Jojo” and used as a nickname; however, in the later parts of the play more complex puns are made: for example, Josuke is a pun in Japanese in which the syllable “suke” (助) can also be read as “jo” and the diminutive Giorno Giovana’s (Gio. Gio.) has a pronunciation quite similar to «Jojo». All Joestars are identified by having a five-pointed star-shaped birthmark.

7. Passion of Hawks

The Reyes brothers seek to avenge their sister’s death, which leads them to settle as workers in the Elizondo family mansion. The deep hatred begins to change when the Reyes brothers are integrated into the life of the family. What Juan does not have is that his life and those of his two brothers will intersect with that of the three Elizondo sisters, running the risk of falling prey to his own revenge.

8. Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil

Free version of the book “The parable of Paul”. Describes the life of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar Gaviria since his childhood. The use of indiscriminate violence made him the most fearsome and bloodthirsty drug trafficker of the late twentieth century. He even destabilized the Colombian government to the point of being the most wanted criminal in the world.

9. Paw Patrol: The Movie

The Paw Patrol is on a roll. When Humdinger, his greatest rival, becomes mayor of nearby Adventure City and begins to wreak havoc, Ryder and the heroic cubs set off to face this new challenge. As one of the puppies must face his past in Adventure City, the team finds help in a new ally, the clever little dachshund Liberty. Together and armed with exciting new gadgets and equipment, the Paw Patrol fights to save the citizens of Adventure City.

10. Chocolate Academy

Eight talents study the art of chocolate under the tutelage of a famous pastry chef. But only one will be the best in class and win the opportunity of a lifetime.

As you may have noticed, the series are living their golden age. Netflix uses this increased demand to keep millions of subscribers hooked.

There are productions of all kinds and for all tastes: fantasy, humor, action, drama … so take the opportunity to watch several chapters in a row, even until the end of the season! You know what you will always find them on Netflix.

Do you have any idea what your next favorite show is? Are you planning the next marathon? 24 hours a day will not be enough to see all these hits!


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