Official: when will River and Colón de Santa Fe meet for the Champions Trophy

River and Colón will be measured for the Champions Trophy

Argentine football will have a high-flying end of the year with the duel they will star River Plate and Colon of Santa Fe in which the Champions Trophy. This Friday the AFA confirmed that the match will be played on Saturday, December 18, from 21.10, at Mother of Cities Stadium of the province of Santiago del Estero.

The League regulations indicate that the “Champions Trophy” of the 2021 edition will be settled in a only match between the champion of the League Cup (the Sabalero) and the tournament (the Millionaire) in a estadio neutral. The detail is that this crown has “Official validity” but it does not deliver any ticket to other tournaments, whether national or international. According to the regulations, the game will have two additional 30-minute times if there is a tie in regular time and if this situation continues, penalties will be carried out.

This will be the second edition of this competition whose only previous champion is Racing in the 2018-19 season. The Academy, which arrived as Super League champion, beat 2-0 against Tiger, winner of the Super League Cup, at the José María Minella stadium in Mar del Plata. The match corresponding to the following season was not played due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mother of Cities stadium will host the meeting (Estadiounicosde)
The Mother of Cities stadium will host the meeting (Estadiounicosde)

In the duel in Santiago del Estero, Colón will go for his second professional star. While River’s coach, Marcelo Gallardo, will have the opportunity to add the 14th crown as coach and to match what was done by Ángel Labruna in the history of the club. Currently, the Doll He has 21 titles between his stages as a footballer and DT, which places him at one of Little angel That adds up to 22 (16 as a player and 6 as a coach).

But, before traveling to Santiago del Estero, both teams have commitments to face at the close of the Professional League tournament. Colón will be measured this Friday against Athletic Tucuman and will culminate his participation in the contest with the classic against Union as a visitor. River, meanwhile, will be local this Sunday before Defense and Justice and will end his successful campaign against the Dean.


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