Nancy case: who is the suspect arrested and the usury hypothesis investigated by Justice

Damián Lezcano, arrested for the disappearance of Nancy Videla (Télam)

Today friday morning Damián Lezcano Mendoza, born in Paraguay, aged 70, sits in a police cell in Parque Patricios waiting to be investigated by the Justice, arrested as the main suspect of the disappearance and possible femicide of Nancy Beatriz Videla, the woman wanted for six days after she was absent from her home in Lanús.

Lezcano is dedicated to the construction industry according to the records of the AFIP, a member of a family firm. its house on 2500 Bucharest street, Villa Albertina area in Ingeniero Budge, was raided this morning by the City Police under the conduction of the prosecutor Marcelo Munilla Lacasa, in charge of finding Nancy.

According to official records, Lezcano has an accusation in a file for homicide in the jurisdiction of La Matanza, dating from the beginning of the last decade.

Hours before the police procedure, there was a call to 911 indicating that Nancy frequented the home and that even Lezcano lent her money “to pay the rent.” The place, strikingly, coincided with the references of the antennas in the survey of the woman’s cell phone.

The prosecutor in the case advanced with the clue. The People Search division raided the place after an exhortation to the Court of Guarantees No. 5 of Lomas de Zamora, with the support of the DDI of Lomas de Zamora of the Buenos Aires Police. Lezcano himself opened the door and attended to them. In the place there were several rooms, one of which was empty. Through a window a new subfloor and rest of fresh materials were observed. Lezcano admitted to having built it before the questions of the policemen. Several neighbors even assured that they had seen the man enter and leave

A) Yes, GER personnel from the City Fire Department proceeded to drill holes on the newly built slab so that Argentine Federal Police dogs smell possible traces. The subfloor was deep, 8 inches thick. Thus, they found a body, which was extracted at 3 this Friday.

According to police sources Infobae, the body has characteristics similar to that of Nancy. He was immediately sent to the judicial morgue on Viamonte Street. Nevertheless, It was not yet officially recognized, so it cannot be determined if it is the victim. The same sources indicate that four intimate garments were seized. According to official records, Lezcano would have another address in the Villa Madero area.

Lezcano upon being transferred by the City Police.
Lezcano upon being transferred by the City Police.

The evidence certainly incriminates Lezcano. A neighbor on Bucharest street claimed to have seen Nancy last Friday, sitting on the sidewalk of the man’s house. He also claimed that he saw her enter. However, he did not make the complaint or alert the security forces despite the search for Videla, which was reported nationwide.

The autopsy in the Buenos Aires judicial morgue must determine the date and cause of death. Investigators estimate that the body found under the subfloor had been deceased for at least six days. “Until now There is no motive and it is not known how they killed her. Nor do we rule out that another person has intervened ”, added an investigator. The usury track is a chance on the board, alerted by the 911 call.

As confirmed by sources from the Buenos Aires Police, two cell phones were found in the place that may be appraised. A luminol scan by Scientific Police revealed blood stains on a refrigerator, found in a room next to which the body was found.


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