Misi returns to light up Christmas with her new musical ‘The Dream Composer’

This December 4, Misi Producciones-returns to the Bogota stages with a new musical. Photo: Misi Producciones

After almost two years since the cultural and entertainment industry was affected by the pandemic, Misi Producciones will once again take over the Bogota stages to light up the Christmas season with ‘The composer of dreams’.

From this one Saturday, December 4, and until next November 22, a team made up of more than 30 artists on stage, will raise the curtains of the Colsubsidio Theater with a “new story framed in a journey of illusion, fantasy, music, color and magical characters.”

‘The Dream Composer’, written by Felipe Salazar, director of the company, and by Juan Mondragón, who plays the leading role, tells the story of the pre-assembly of a Christmas musical, where Gabriel (Mondragón), who is in charge of composing the music for the work, loses his inspiration and I couldn’t complete the melodies.

In the midst of his despair, Gabriel meets Belén (Juliana Reyes), the muse who will restore his inspiration and help him overcome his sadness and get out of his creative block.

”Gabriel plays a very prestigious composer who, due to lack of work, loses inspiration and illusions. With the help of a wonderful character who comes into his life, he manages to recover, through an inner process, his love for music. It recovers the faith, the illusion, the hope in a difficult path but full of learning ”, explained Mondragón, in dialogue with the newspaper El Tiempo.

For 90 minutes, Bethlehem will take Gabriel through a fantasy world where even the most magical and animated character will come to life thanks to the magic of Christmas, and they will show you what it is to live an adventure this season, hand in hand with elves, reindeer, bears and other fantastic characters this Christmas.

As reported by the company, on stage with Juan Mondragon and Juliana Reyes, tThey will also be in the main characters, Erwin Barrera, Laura Donado, Daniela pinilla, Sofia Romero and Samuel Gutierrez.

“It will be the opportunity to return to classical theater, to the essential, with traditional resources, where the scenography that frames the world of theater is the protagonist, as are the characters that move in the after-scene, which we never see, and that are important in this story, ”said Misi Producciones.

On stage there will also be an orchestra made up of 14 musicians, who will be under the direction of maestro Ricardo Jaramillo, and with the orchestrations of Larry Hochman, Moses Herrera and Andrés Prieto.

The musical, which will have more than 20 costume changes, will also have the participation of María Isabel Murillo and Leonardo Palacios, who together with Juan Mondragón composed the original music for the work. For its part, the costume design will be in charge of Juliana Reyes.

On the other hand, the lighting design will be in charge of Humberto Hernández; the set design by Hernán Peñuela; the sound design of Alejandra Bernal; the acting direction of Christian Ballesteros, while the musical direction will be carried out by Leonardo Palacios, and the choreography by Richard Palomares, Vanessa García and Felipe Sánchez.

According to the general direction of the work, this will be carried out by Felipe Salazar, who will be in charge of giving life to the libretto written by María Clara Torres, Laura Orduz, Ricardo Aponte and Juan Mondragón.

Remember that the play will be presented at the Colsubsidio Theater in Bogotá. The functions will be from Thursday to Sunday at the following times: jThursday and Friday at 7:30 pm; Saturdays at 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm; and Sundays at 4:00 pm


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