Melissa Klug makes a clarification to Jesús Barco: “If I don’t get married in two years, that’s it”

Melissa Klug says that at most in two years she is getting married. (Photo: Instagram)

Melissa Klug promised to Jesus Boat when they turned their first year of dating, however, so far there is no guaranteed date for the wedding. Given this, the drivers of En boca de todos asked the businesswoman, through a live link, what measures will she take if the footballer does not make things clear.

Klug, 37, and Barco, 24, have a fairly stable relationship, so much so that the athlete is very well received in the businesswoman’s house, he has won the affection of his children and they even show a face for him before he by Melissa herself, according to her own account. But what about the wedding?

When asked, Melissa answered very sure that there will be a wedding, she even joked with a prediction made by the video Reinaldo Do Santos, who indicated: “There will be no marriage there.”

On the other hand, the businesswoman quickly responded: “He also said that Keiko was going to win”, generating the laughter of the television conductors.

“Well, here the only one who knows is God”, Samahara Lobatón’s mother continued.

“Obviously, yes I am getting married. When? We’re actually looking at what year, but I already said, I’m not going to be the eternal girlfriend. Obviously, I’m not going to be “, he clarified.

Asked how long she will give Jesús Barco to set a date, Melissa indicated: “One year and two (I’m getting married). Not anymore, then, if we don’t get married two years from now, (with a gesture he said it was) I have already said it, I am not going to be the eternal bride ”.


Faced with the lack of control on the set, those who were excited by the response, the businesswoman made her clarification, highlighting that ‘it was’ the marriage, not their relationship: “If we no longer marry, we will live together, right? Not that I already say, bye bye. What will I do with my ring? Well, I will always have it ”, he replied looking at his hand.

Given their responses, the hosts of En boca de todos indicated that they see a Melissa Klug in love, a fact that Blanca de Chucuito affirmed.


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