Melissa Klug clarifies that she will not invite Youna to her house for Christmas: “Samahara and my granddaughter will be there”

Melissa Klug will not be inviting Youna to her home for Christmas. (Photo. Instagram)

Through a live link to On everyone’s lips, Melissa Klug I present his house and how he has decorated it to spend the Christmas, where you will receive your children and your partner. Very clearly, the businesswoman pointed out that she will only receive her mother, her children and her partner Jesus Boat. And Youna?

He also referred to the recent reconciliation of Samahara Lobatón with her daughter’s father, who already live together and in their own home.

“My family will actually be there, who are my mother, my children, my granddaughter and in fact Jesus (Barco) will be there”, Melissa indicated when asked by the television conductors about whom she will spend this Christmas. However, upon hearing Blanca de Chucuito’s response, they asked her: And Youna ?.

“There will be my daughter and my granddaughter, and hence she is actually going to go with her family, she does not live here”, Klug stressed, noting that his daughter will only visit for a few hours.

Asked if it is true that she is very jealous of her daughters’ boyfriends, she pointed out: “I am a mother hen, I like to protect my daughters”.

“I’m sorry, not annoying or angry at my daughters’ partners, but I have a mother’s eye and I’m never going to be wrong”, clarified.

According to the recent reconciliation of Samahara Lobatón with YounaMelissa indicated that she cannot interfere in her daughter’s decision, but whatever happens, she will always support her. Especially for Xiana, her granddaughter.

“Well, I can’t get into their life but they (their daughters) are grown up and they decide who to be with. I will always be there to advise them, to support them, but they are their lives “He said at first, and then focused on Samahara.

“It is her life, I did not choose him as a couple, I did not choose him as the father of her daughter, she is, and well, I think everyone makes mistakes and she wants to fight for her family at the time. . It is her decision, I am not the one to get involved, but I will always be there to support her, always ”, projection.


Tula Rodríguez, for her part, asked him if he would take the first step to have a better relationship with Youna. To which Melissa replied: “I really want my daughter to be very happy, and as long as she is happy, I will be happy too, and I will try to do many things for her, for Xianna ”.

“I will be happy and content if I see my daughter happy, and if she makes mistakes again, then who is not wrong?” concluded the couple of Jesús Barco, who stressed that the important thing about being wrong is “that I can learn ”.


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