Mary Luz Andía won a silver medal for Peru in athletic walk in the Junior Pan American Games

Mary Luz Andía won second place in the athletic walking competition. (Photo: Instagram @maryluzandia)

Good news continues to arrive from Colombia thanks to the achievements that national representatives are achieving at the Cali-Valle Junior Pan American Games. This time, Mary Luz Andía managed to stand on the podium by winning the silver medal in the 20 km of the athletic walking competition.

The 21-year-old athlete participated in the event that took place at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium. With a time of 1h. 35: 26.52, Mary Luz took second place in the competition. Glenda Morejón, representative of Ecuador, took the gold medal at the end of the 1h challenge. 33: 54.16, just a couple of minutes before the national athlete. The selected one from Colombia, Laura Chalarca, won the bronze medal after obtaining a time of 1h. 35: 54.97.


The Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) remains quite active in social networks, congratulating the achievements that young athletes are achieving in these Games. Therefore, they once again used their social networks to celebrate the triumph of “Peruvian medal! Mary Luz Andía obtains the silver medal in the women’s 20,000 meter walk competition at the I Junior Pan American Games. We keep adding! “, it reads.

(Photo: Captura Twitter)
(Photo: Captura Twitter)

The medal won by Mary Luz was the ninth silver for the country and the number 19 won in total in the multisport event that began on November 25 and will conclude this Sunday, December 5.

Also, this Thursday, hours before Gloria’s triumph, the national rowing team made up of Ángel Sosa and César Cipriani took the silver medal, after a time of 7:03:88, which meant the 17th medal of the Peru in these Games.


We count the national winners to date:


1. Sofía Mamani – Athletics, 10,000 meters


2. Edward Alarcón – Gymnastics, horse with arsones

3. Edward Alarcón – Gymnastics, rings

4. Edward González – Gymnastics, jumping

5. Yumiko Tanabe – Judo

6. Kiara Arango – Judo

7. Eliana Vásquez – Taekwondo

8. Angelo Caro – Skateboarding

9. Ryan Cubas – Greco-Roman Wrestling

10. Mary Luz Andía – 20 km athletic walk.


11. Inés Castillo – Badminton

12. Jaime Saavedra – Judo

13. Noemí Huayhuameza – Judo

14. Arnold Prado – Judo

15. Santiago Villegas – Weightlifting

16. Frank de la Sotta – Bowling

17. José Luis Chaupin – Athletics, 5,000 meters

18. Ángel Sosa and César Cipriani – Remo

19. Gloria Asca – Fight, 50 kg.


The Peruvian delegation arrived in Cali for the important international event, with a total of 160 qualified young athletes. The novel event started on November 25 and is scheduled to end the December 5th.

The judoka Noemí Huayhuameza and the skater Angelo Caro, were the standard bearers of the national team that is also made up of athletes, coaches and delegates who participate for the first time in these Games, the first in history for adolescents and young people between 14 and 22 years old.


It is a multisport event that is taking place in the city of Cali in Colombia by the first time during 2021. In the first instance, the games were planned to take place in June and September of this year. However, the health emergency due to COVID-19 caused the dates to be postponed.

This event is designed with the idea that young athletes participate, so the ages of participation are between 14 and 22 years old. In this first edition there will be a total of 3,500 athletes from the 41 nations that are members of Panam Sports and will compete 27 sports.


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