Leopoldo López insists that Gustavo Petro has ties with Nicolás Maduro: “Look what happened in Venezuela”

Colombian Senator Gustavo Petro and Venezuelan politician Leopoldo López. Photos: Colprensa and EFE.

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Leopoldo López attended the World Congress of Jurists in Barranquilla where he referred, among other issues, to the presidential elections of 2022 in Colombia and in which he took the opportunity to leave some exhortations to Colombians so that, supposedly, they do not repeat the history of their country.

In his tirade, He again gave his opinion on the leader of Human Colombia, Gustavo Petro, who currently leads the voting intention according to the polls. López suggested to the compatriots that they ask Venezuelans how they have been governed by a left-wing government.

“I would tell them to ask (Venezuelans) how the dictatorship of disaster and tragedy was installed in Venezuela and Venezuelans will be able to give a testimony,” he said.

In fact, he referred to the migrants from his country who are currently taking refuge from the Venezuelan regime in Colombia and invited them to tell Colombians how they have been touched by submitting to the government of the neighboring country.

“The important thing is that every Venezuelan here in Colombia can be very frank and open with Colombians and speak frankly. Many Venezuelans who are here in Colombia fleeing the dictatorship voted for (Hugo) Chávez at that time, some even voted for Maduro but today they repent. I insist: talk to the Venezuelans who can give a testimony about the why choose democracy and not dictatorship ”, added.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in a file photo.  EFE / Rayner Peña R.
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in a file photo. EFE / Rayner Peña R.

In addition, he also had space to speak with the press that covered the event and there he took the opportunity to launch harsh criticism against Senator Petro, whom he once again accused of having ties to Nicolás Maduro, the head of the Venezuelan regime:

“In electoral moments, that closeness (of Petro) with Maduro and with the Venezuelan dictatorship becomes more lukewarm so that they do not have an electoral impact, but we have already clearly seen the links that exist directly with the Venezuelan dictatorship,” he said. Lopez.

In his pronouncement, the opponent who was imprisoned by Maduro for opposing his dictatorship He also said that the elections that will define the next head of state in the land of coffee will be very important because, according to him, the “democratic path” will be established.

“I believe that Colombians have to do very seriously with what has happened in Venezuela, they have to ask the two million eight hundred thousand Venezuelans who are here, each one of them is a testimony, each one of them has their own story of how there is a dictatorship ”, stressed the politician from the neighboring nation, who even had time to refer to the ties of drug trafficking between his country and Colombia.

“Even today Venezuela and the Venezuelan dictatorship have close ties with Colombian drug trafficking, with the Sinaloa (Mexican) cartel, with organized crime around the world. (…) That is a reality that has affected millions of Venezuelans who have had to leave our country, “he commented.

It is not the first time that López refers to Colombian politics. A few months ago, in dialogue with the magazine Week, the politician He urged citizens to “take care of their democracy” to avoid the same as Venezuelans today. In addition, he recalled that for years, he and his colleagues denounced a dictatorship that “generates hunger, misery and tragedy.”

There he also referred to Gustavo Petro, whom they have repeatedly linked with Maduro and said: “Those who have supported Maduro evidently represent a similar path”, referring to the regime of his country and for that reason, again, he asked the compatriots to analyze their situation “With a lot of attention because it starts that way” a possible dictatorship.


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