Friends and neighbors of Nancy Videla marched to demand justice

Friends and neighbors demanded justice for the femicide of Nancy Videla, the woman wanted for 6 days after being absent from her home in Ingeniero Budge. In the early hours of this morning, his body was found under a subfloor in the house of Damien Lezcano Mendoza on Bucharest street at 2500. The rally point for the demonstration was the house of Alan Leguizamón, boyfriend of the victim, at the intersection of Atenas and Falucho streets, in the Buenos Aires district of Lomas de Zamora.

The demand for justice for the femicide of Nancy Videla (Luciano González)

Then around 18.30 people marched peacefully to the place where Nancy rented, in Engineer Budge. There, Alan and his family, as well as friends of the victim, made a request for justice: At the foot of a tree they lit candles and posted posters with messages such as “We demand the truth” and “Damián Lezcano murderer ”.

After 7:30 p.m., the neighbors and friends of the victim decided to march silently but with constant applause towards the place where the woman’s body appeared, a few blocks away.

march candles murder nancy videla
Neighbors and friends approached to ask for justice in the place where Nancy rented (Luciano González)

“We only want justice for her, it is the only thing we ask,” Alan commented when speaking to the media and moved by the support of his family and friends in the demonstration. “We didn’t want this ending for her, we wanted her alive“Said Aurora -Alan’s aunt- in dialogue with the channel TN.

march candles murder nancy videla
Alan, the victim’s boyfriend, received the support of his friends and family (Luciano González)

In the early afternoon, Mendoza –the main suspect- appeared via Zoom in front of the judge Diego Slupski, in charge of the cause, and refused to testify, according to judicial sources to Infobae. His defense requested the release. Police fenced the man’s house to prevent people from approaching the place during the march.

Mendoza, a 70-year-old Paraguayan builder and moneylender, is accused of being the femicide who took Nancy’s life after beating and suffocating her. as it became known about the causes of death after the resolution of the autopsy. It is also believed that after murdering her, he buried the woman’s body in an 8-inch subfloor at his Engineer Budge home, where the body was found this morning. The accused is defended by a private lawyer.

march candles murder nancy videla
March of the candles to demand justice for the femicide of Nancy (Luciano González)

For Mendoza, for his part, it was not the first time that he had to answer questions in front of a magistrate. As published Infobae, was convicted in 2003 of murdering a woman. A court of the Matanza issued a three year sentence for him homicide that occurred, according to the ruling accessed by this medium, in the context of a excess of self-defense. The sentence was completed in full in the Lisandro Olmos prison. Later, regained his freedom in 2005.

Nancy Beatriz Videla He left his work on Friday, November 26, he had to take two buses and a train to get to his house in the town of Villa Albertina, Lomas de Zamora district. Never arrived. His last connection on WhatsApp was that afternoon at 6.30 p.m. Since then, nothing was known until this morning when the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires Sergio Berni confirmed the discovery of a lifeless body that was later confirmed as that of the woman who disappeared 6 days ago.

march candles murder nancy videla
The femicide of Nancy Videla generated a national commotion (Luciano González)

According to the reconstruction of the case, Nancy got on the collective of the Line 39 that moved her to the Constitution station. He entered exactly at 17.36. At 6:16 p.m. she told her boyfriend, Alan Leguizamón (30), who was waiting for the Roca train. The last interaction with her partner was at 18:38.

In dialogue with InfobaeLeguizamón said that around 7:30 p.m., having no sign of Nancy, he sent her a message: “Love, where are you going?” “We had arranged to have something to eat together. It seemed strange to me that it took so long, “said the young man who indicated that he was not answering his calls either since the cell phone was switched off. “At dawn the other day I sent him a message, but it did not reach him: it only had a single accent”the man pointed out when he reached the height of his concern.

march candles murder nancy videla
“We only want justice for her, it is the only thing we ask,” Alan commented when speaking to the media (Luciano González)

An anonymous call to 911 was the key clue with which investigators pointed to the house raided last night at the last minute. A woman pointed out to a friend of the nanny who owns apartments that she rents in Bucharest street at 2,500, in Ingeniero Budge, 20 blocks from where the missing girl lived.

The complainant also spoke of “A subfloor of recent date” that neighbors in the area claimed that it was built in recent days. That data was key.

“That girl was always going to have mate with someone, at Ingeniero Budge. I met Nancy at her house. Every time he was going to collect his retirement, this person came to look for money. I don’t know what relationship they will have. It seemed to me that they had something sentimental, ”the woman confided to the 911 operator.

“On Friday I was with him, I went to collect his retirement. On Monday when I saw the news on social media, I asked her: ‘Do you know anything about her?’ ‘No, I do not know anything. No more appeared ‘, he told me, “he revealed.

The find

“We broke a subfloor and found a female body underneath, the identification would be missing”, although “everything suggests that it is the person we were looking for,” declared the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires early in the morning. Aires Sergio Berni to channel All News. The subfloor was in a room at the back of the house.

Find in nancy's body - CRIMEN-ENGENIERO BUDGE
The operation to find Nancy’s body

The operation began around 11 p.m. and lasted about 60 minutes. The subfloor was pierced and smell sniffing dogs. Police sources reported that the dogs they gave a positive signal, we proceeded to break and there underneath they found the remains. Staff from the DDI, City Firefighters, members of the People Search division and members of the Buenos Aires Police.

Minutes after 1am this Friday, after finding the body, the Buenos Aires Police arrested a 70-year-old man, identified as Damien Lezcano Mendoza, who is designated as the main suspect of the crime. In addition, the Justice identified a woman, who would have been an accomplice, who was arrested when she tried to escape by bus to Entre Ríos.

march candles murder nancy videla
“Justice for Nancy”, the claim of neighbors and friends (Luciano González)

After being found under an 8-inch subfloor at Engineer Budge, Nancy Videla’s body was transferred to the judicial morgue on Viamonte Street, where the corresponding autopsy was performed. In the middle of the morning today, the results were delivered to Justice.

The first forensic information indicated that the body has “a strong blow to the head”, detected by the Scientific Police, investigators of the case assured Infobae. However, no blunt object was found in the raided house, nothing that can be considered the weapon of the fact. The cause of death was a skull fracture or trauma from that same blow.


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