Environmental groups are taking action against the Jänschwalde open-cast mine

Three times the amount of water

They state that the water law permit permits the extraction of 42 million cubic meters for 2020, for example. In fact, the Leag had pumped out 114.06 million cubic meters – almost three times as much.

According to the evaluation, the group in Jänschwalde has now withdrawn more than 240 million cubic meters more groundwater than allowed. That is a scandal in arid Brandenburg, is the criticism.

Mining authority should know allegations

An open pit mine cannot be operated without lowering the groundwater level. For this purpose, the groundwater is raised and diverted. This means that the groundwater also sinks in the open pit area. To the north of the Jänschwalde opencast mine there are nature reserves, including wet meadows and the Calpenzmoor.

“The mining authority has approved an operating plan that cannot be implemented without massive violations of the applicable water law permit. The approval is therefore obviously illegal,” said lawyer Teßmer. The reliability of the Leag is seriously questioned. The mining authority is aware of the allegations.

Plaintiffs are optimistic

“The opencast mine is apparently operated deliberately and illegally, because the Leag did not apply for an increase in the extraction quantity before it began to systematically violate it,” explained René Schuster from the Green League. During the same period of time, private water use in Lusatia was restricted several times by orders from the water authorities.

The aim of the judicial procedure is to protect protected areas such as lakes and wetlands, which are increasingly suffering from the abstraction of groundwater, according to a joint communication from the environmental associations. Lawyer Teßmer was optimistic that he would be successful in court. “I don’t see why the case can be lost – I rarely say that.”

Leag is investigating allegations

The Leag did not want to comment on the content on Friday (December 3rd). The company is investigating the allegations. However, this is a current procedure, so the supplier could not comment on it, said a Leag spokesman when asked by the ZfK. (jk with material from dpa)


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