Dollar today: the free price continues at $ 200.50, while the BCRA had to sell another USD 140 million

The dollar operates stable at the beginning of December

The free dollar It is offered without variations this Friday, at $ 200.50 for sale, a value in which it has been lateralizing for practically a month.

In the market wholesaler, the greenback is agreed to $101,20, with a gain of ten cents compared to the previous session. Thus, the official exchange rate confirms a steeper bullish trail, after months in which it advanced at a rate of 1% per month, well below inflation.

The exchange gap with the “blue” is reduced to 98.1 percent.

With a more marked bullish trend this week the dollars whose price is implicit in the prices of Argentine stocks and bonds that are simultaneously traded on the local stock market and abroad were traded. The “Counted with settlement” is traded at $ 220, and the MEP dollar at 203 pesos.

In the wholesale market the amount traded was a record in more than two years, reached USD 1,031.6 million in the spot segment, the highest since October 2019, before establishing the quota of USD 200 per month for private demand after the presidential elections of that year.

Gustavo Quintana, agent of PR Corredores de Cambio, stated that “vBCRA income for about USD 140 million they met the demand for foreign exchange in a round with a record of operations ”.

The wholesale dollar doubled its rate of rise and ended the week at $ 101.20, with a gap of 98.1% compared to the banknote in the informal market

With three wheels operating on December, the monetary entity registers a net negative balance of USD 200 million due to its foreign exchange participation, although the last month of the year usually brings foreign currency due to the seasonal liquidation of wheat exports.

In the course of 2021, the Central Bank maintains an outstanding level of Net purchases in the market will change for about USD 5,330 millionAlthough the figure is not entirely conclusive if one takes into account the record liquidation of agricultural exports in the last year, for more than 30,000 million dollars.

Officials from the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank will travel to Washington on Saturday to maintain meetings with IMF staff to seek to renegotiate the payment schedule of about 45,000 million dollars.

“In Argentina, the last quarterly debt report contemplates disbursements only for principal payments of USD 17,892 million in 2022; USD 18,975 million in 2023, and USD 4,867 million in 2024. Since the current The level of net international reserves of the BCRA is estimated between 4,000 and 6,000 million of dollars, a more than extraordinary performance of the balance of payments would be necessary to comply with these obligations without resorting to alternative sources of financing “, indicated a report by TSA Stock Exchange.

“In this sense, it is need to think of a new payment scheme that allows clearing the short-term horizon of financial needs to focus on economic growth and reintegrate the country into international markets “, TSA Bursátil stressed.

The Bookings Central Bank international were located on Thursday in USD 41,444 million, with a decrease of 96 million dollars.

Private sector deposits in foreign currency they completed a drop of USD 988 million in November and they closed the month at USD 15,363 million. The fall represents 6% of the stock of dollar deposits in cash.

Between Monday 29 and Tuesday 30, according to official data, the drop was USD 397 million, between fake news on financial measures and the negative impact of the ban on paying tickets abroad in installments.

Thus, these placements fell to the lowest amount since December 22 of last year.


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