Argentine President reports progress with the IMF and asks him to evaluate the 2018 stand-by

Argentine President reports progress with the IMF and asks him to evaluate the 2018 stand-by = (Video) = Buenos Aires, Dec 3 2021 (AFP) – Argentine President Alberto Fernández reported on Thursday progress in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to refinance a debt of 44,000 million dollars and demanded an “evaluation” of the 2018 stand-by loan, the largest ever granted by the agency, as a step prior to the agreement. “We are making progress in building understandings with the IMF so that on that On the basis we can reach an agreement, “said the president in a speech to industrialists. However, he requested” to do everything possible to prevent something like what happened with the program signed by the previous government (of Mauricio Macri) from happening again. , how much damage it did to Argentina. “” We ask the IMF that before we close a new agreement make its evaluation of what was the failed stand-by program for which 44,000 million dollars were disbursed qu e were misused in paying unsustainable debt and financing capital outflows. We need the IMF to make this evaluation, “he remarked. In 2018 the IMF granted the right-wing Macri government (2015-2019), which at that time was seeking his re-election, a loan for 57,000 million dollars, whose pending disbursements were rejected by the Peronist of center-left Fernández after taking office in December 2019. A 2020 Central Bank report reported that between December 2015 and the end of 2019 capital flight exceeded 86,000 million dollars. Fernández considered that an evaluation by the IMF of what happened it is “a necessary step” to close a new agreement. “Let us do it quickly and thus we will advance on a firmer and clearer ground. Argentina needs clarity, “he said. The current agreement with the IMF requires the payment of maturities in 2022 and 2023 for more than 19,000 million dollars each year and for about 5,000 million in 2024. Argentina, which fell into recession in 2018, seeks replace it with a program of extended facilities to delay and lengthen payment terms.- Mission to Washington -A technical mission from the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Argentina will travel to Washington on Saturday to meet with the IMF. Martín Guzmán, “will supervise it from Buenos Aires,” said Fernández. The Argentine delegation will be received by “a team of IMF officials led by Julie Kozack and Luis Cubeddú in Washington DC starting this weekend to deepen technical discussions about a program backed by the IMF, “a spokesman for the multilateral organization told AFP. The government said it plans to pay a maturity of 1.8 billion euros on December 18. This year, Argentina has already paid $ 1.34 billion in interest and about $ 1.9 billion in capital amortization. According to the newspaper Ámbito Financiero, the mission will be headed by Sergio Chodos, representative of Argentina and the Southern Cone in the IMF / dg —————————————– ——————–

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