Andrés Wiese: Instagram takes radical measure due to wave of insults to the actor

In August 2021, Magaly TV La Firme supported the actors Andrés Wiese and Andrea Luna by kissing in Miami.

From the tables to the covers of the entertainment press. The name of the actor Andrés Wiese has been seen in the eye of the storm after Pietro Sibille make a post on your official Instagram account where you call him an idiot and a bad actor, after you accused your ex-partner, Andrea Luna, of having deceived him with the popular ‘Ricolás’ from Al fondo hay Sitio.

A song by Sabina was just the beginning of a series of hints that the ex-partner has sent, which acted in the remembered play El hombre del subuelo. The community on Instagram divided to defend their favorite actors. A group of these, in favor of ‘Mandril’ from The Great Blood, seized Wiese’s account to insult him and ask him to come out and face the accusations against him.

The wave of insults he received caused the social network to recognize the fact as a violation of the terms and policies they have for their users. So he decided to take a radical step in the comment section.

In those photos and videos where a good number of insults to Andrés Wiese you can read the following: “These comments were hidden because they may be misleading, offensive or contain spam. People will be able to tap to see them anyway. “

This recent event would have caused the actor’s new project to be put in the background, who is about to premiere the series Neighborhood Board, which will be transmitted by the signal of América Televisión. It has been speculated that in the recording of the chapters he coincided with Luna.

In August 2021, Magaly TV La Firme supported the actors Andrés Wiese and Andrea Luna by kissing in Miami.
In August 2021, Magaly TV La Firme supported the actors Andrés Wiese and Andrea Luna by kissing in Miami.


In August, Magaly Medina’s program issued an ampay where she is seen Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese having fun at a Miami nightclub. In the facilities, an incognito managed to capture with his cell phone a kiss that these actors gave each other when they thought that no one was looking at them.

You can even see in the images how Andrés hugs Andrea to walk out of the entertainment center together. By that date, no one knew that the young woman and the experienced Pietro Sibille had ended their love affair that lasted almost 7 years.

It did not take many days for her to share a statement on her Instagram account in which she stated that she had been single for a long time, implying that her sentimental relationship with Pietro had come to an end.

Almost after 3 months, Sibille reappeared on the same social network to deny everything her ex had mentioned, making it clear that they were still together when they caught her kissing another.

Afterlick unfaithful to Andrés and stupid to Andrés Wiese, the actress defended herself by stating that she lived in a toxic relationship and that it cost her to end it because Pietro threatened to commit suicide if she left him. She added that she has proof that verifies everything she wrote in her lengthy message, in which she asked her ex to grow up and that she would no longer be her mother.

For his part, Pietro Sibille, who was in Cajamarca when he gave his version of what happened, made the decision to delete the post where he insults his colleague.



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