AMLO assured that he will pacify Michoacán “without declaring war on any group”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the program to pacify Michoacán has already started “Without declaring war on any criminal group” and seeking to protect people.

From Morelia, where he held his morning conference, the president assured that he is seeking to address the causes that originate insecurity and violence.

“Now we return because we have the task of pacifying Michoacán and we are evaluating the plan that He has already started walking to achieve peace and tranquility in Michoacán, despite the complexity of the inheritance that was received from criminal groups that have operated for many years in Michoacan. It is working, of course, without declaring war on any group, seeking to protect people and address the causes of insecurity and violence, go to the bottom ”, he asserted.

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The president stressed that one of the strategies is to serve young people to prevent them from joining the ranks of crime.

“Two days ago in my report I said that the real confrontation with organized crime groups, especially with bosses, goes in the direction of taking away the youngs, take away the seedbed that they cannot count on a reserve army to commit crimes because before, young people were not cared for, there was no program of care for young people, they were just called ‘ninis’ in a derogatory way, but they were not did nothing to guarantee the right of young people to education and work as is being done at present, “he said.

López Obrador took the opportunity to criticize the administration of the former governor Silvano Aureoles, by ensuring that the Michoacanos “were a lot of people for so little government.”

“We are very happy with the arrival of Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla, who is a hardworking, honest man, as the dignified, hardworking people deserve. It was a lot of people for so little government that one had, for rulers who were not at the level of Michoacanos, “he released.

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