Alberto Fernández received the social movements to discuss the conditions of the agreement with the IMF

The President in the last visit of representatives of social movements, before the general elections (Presidency of the Nation)

In the framework of the series of meetings with the main sectors of the economy before sending to Congress a “multi-year plan” to refinance the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the president Alberto Fernandez This afternoon he received leaders of social movements at the Casa Rosada to clarify the conditions that the Government is proposing to the credit organization.

After 5:00 p.m., representatives of Barrios de Pie, the Evita Movement, the CCC, MUP, Octubres, and CTD Aníbal Verón, among other organizations with which the head of state is in good agreement.

The last time he received them was before the general elections, when they informed him that they would march in his favor after the elections. They did so, two weeks ago, in the mobilization for the Day of Militancy on November 17, in the Plaza de Mayo, after the defeat in the general elections that the Government sought to present as a victory for the comeback with respect to the PASO. .

The meeting joins the series of acts and conclaves of the President and his main officials with different sectors of the economy. Last night, during the 27th Conference of the Argentine Industrial Union (UAI), the president received the support of industrial entrepreneurs regarding the search for an agreement with the Fund. “We want not to have the issue of foreign debt later. We fully trust that the government that you preside will solve it in the best possible way “, Daniel Funes de Rioja told Fernández yesterday.

Alberto Fernández with Daniel Funes from Rioja
Alberto Fernández with Daniel Funes from Rioja

For his part, during his visit to the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, assured the trade unionists the day before yesterday that the Government It will sign an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) only if it involves paying the debt with economic growth and without adjustment.

“Our government is not going to sign any adjustment agreement because it would mean preventing the economic recovery from continuing. What we say is that economic recovery comes first and that is where to act as a nation state, with all the power factors of Argentina playing for the same side, “said the official, who anticipated that if it is agreed with the Fund “It would begin to be paid in 2026.”

Before some 150 union leaders, Guzmán took an important gesture: Hector Daer (Health) and Pablo Moyano (Truckers), two of the members of the triumvirate led by the CGT (Carlos Acuña was absent), told him support for debt management and negotiations.

“Strength, partner, we will continue to support you”, Moyano told him in his welcome speech. Daer also supported him and stressed that he did not remember any Minister of Economy who had visited the CGT headquarters. Guzman thanked the gestures and said they were “Fundamental” for the task he was doing.

Fernández already has the support of a part of the social movements, who in the last year have approached his Government and are fundamental in the national political structure. He also has the support of governors and mayors, who welcomed the possibility of Cristina Kirchner’s departure in the second stage of his administration.


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