This is the perception that Colombians have about the peace agreement

Five years of the Peace Agreement with the FARC

This 2021 was the fifth anniversary of the peace agreement that gave rise to one of the oldest guerrillas on the continent. Despite the fact that it has been a complex process and in the last year the violence in the country has increased, the experts celebrate that there is still the initiative to continue with this and that the will of the parties is maintained. In the latest survey presented by Datexto, the firm showed the levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction that Colombians feel with respect to the process and found that there are very few satisfied citizens.

According to the survey, which had a sample of 700 people, Most Colombians are dissatisfied with the peace process, due to the results that have been seen after the five-year period of the firm. Of the sample, 19.9% ​​indicated that they are very dissatisfied and 36.6% indicated that they are dissatisfied, which shows that more than 50% do not consider that much has been achieved with the agreement and its results seem to them that they do not meet expectations.

Recall that El Espectador pointed out, citing Indepaz, that in 2021 there are about 90 massacres and 75 thousand victims of displacement. According to Codhes, more than 1,200 murders of social leaders since the signing of the Agreement and of nearly 300 former combatants.

Some experts associate it with the disputes in territories abandoned by the extinct FARC and the emergence of new paramilitary structures. Indepaz estimates that, to date, There are 22 post-demobilization structures of the Auc, and 27 emerging gangs that in the territories are recognized by the inhabitants as “paramilitaries” and that act in 291 municipalities; There are 30 dissident structures, which operate in 123 municipalities, and there are nearly 2,500 people who today make up the ELN structures and who operate in 211 municipalities.

Based on the increase in violence and deaths in the country around areas where there is an incidence of armed groups, the satisfaction of Colombians with the peace accords, according to Datexco, is 9.9%. In addition, dissatisfaction also found high levels of people who consider themselves “neutral” (32.4%), because on the one hand they celebrate the process and on the other, they are not sure how much has been achieved in this five-year period.

In this same sense, the firm asked if they are satisfied with the decision of the United States to remove the Farc from its list of foreign terrorists, and the majority stated that they disagreed with the decision (55.6%) while 28.3% considered the decision of the North American government correct.

When the decision was announced, one of the first to speak out against it was President Iván Duque “We understand and respect, we would have suddenly preferred another decision, but knowing that today we are focused on facing the dissidents, facing these groups and as the United States has said, those who have processes in their courts, the processes continue, “he said.

For its part, the State Department noted: “The decision to revoke the designation does not change the position regarding any charge or possible charge in the United States against former FARC leaders, including drug trafficking, nor does it remove the stain from the decision of the Special Peace Jurisdiction (JEP) of Colombia that found its actions as crimes against humanity. However, it will facilitate the ability of the United States to better support the implementation of the 2016 agreement, including working with demobilized combatants. “


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