Second strike for 2 days of irregular school workers

▲ School irregular workers union

School irregular workers go on strike for the second time on the 2nd. This is because differences of opinion have not been resolved in collective wage negotiations even after the strike on October 20.

On the morning of the 1st, the School Non-regular Workers Solidarity Conference, composed of the Public Transport Union’s Educational Officials Headquarters, the National Women’s Union, and the School Non-regular Workers’ Union, held a press conference at the Korean Federation of Trade Unions in Jung-gu, Seoul and said, “Even though the largest increase in the budget for this year, the metropolitan and provincial offices of education have been They are not showing an active will to end discrimination in welfare benefits,” he said.

Since last June, the solidarity meeting has been engaged in three main negotiations and 10 working-level negotiations with the Ministry of Education and 17 metropolitan/provincial offices of education across the country, but they have not been able to narrow their differences. Summing up the explanation of the solidarity meeting, the 8th working-level negotiation took place on the 18th of last month, about a week and a half after the 3rd main negotiation, but the negotiations broke down as the management negotiating team adhered to the existing position. On the 22nd of last month, Lee Yun-hee, head of the Education Public Service Headquarters, Choi Soon-im, chairman of the women’s union, and Park Mi-hyang, chairman of the school non-regular workers’ union began a hunger strike, urging them to meet with the superintendent of city and provincial superintendent of education, but the situation did not change much. At the general meeting of the city and provincial education superintendents’ council held on the 25th of last month, the solidarity conference asserts that the negotiations are still going on as the superintendents return the ball to the management negotiating group without a conclusion.

An official from the school non-regular workers’ union said, “Even though we proposed an amendment to increase the base salary by 29,000 won and to increase the increase in service allowance in stages, yesterday’s negotiations repeatedly presented the existing proposal and ultimately broke down.”

On the afternoon of the 2nd, the solidarity meeting held the second general strike meeting in Yeouido, calling for the settlement of collective wage negotiations and the resolution of discrimination against non-regular workers. The solidarity meeting said, “City/provincial offices of education should come up with a plan to improve the treatment of non-regular workers in schools beyond the excuses of budget, premature timing, and downgrade, and respond to social demands for the elimination of discrimination against non-regular workers with a responsible and forward-looking attitude. ” he said.

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