Raúl Jiménez completed 100 games with Wolves: the idol’s impressive statistic

Raúl Jiménez reached 100 games in Premiere League with Wolves. (Photo: Reuters / Andrew Couldridge).

The Wolverhampton drew 0-0 with the Burnley in the League of England. Although the game was not very flashy, it meant a very important commitment for the forward Raul Jimenez. With this comparison, the Mexican wolf reached 100 games for Wolves in the Premiere League. With more than three years at the club, the striker is already the top scorer in the history of the English team and is considered an idol by the fans.

At 30 years of age, Jiménez found his best footballing level on British soil. He arrived at the wolf club in 2018, after the Russia World Cup. Since then, it has become one of the fundamental pieces of the team. One season was enough for him to establish himself as the benchmark striker and the undisputed starter of the team. In his first season he scored 13 goals and eight assists, this in 38 commitments. disputed.

It was considered a revelation and the team paid USD 38 million for him, which were paid to Benfica From Portugal. Today it is a reality and is a key piece in the team of Bruno location. Jiménez proved that he is worth what they paid for him and, After 100 games with the team, he is already the top scorer in the club’s history with 51 goals.

"Raúl Jimenes, can I have your shirt please?".  Wolves fans consider the Mexican forward an idol.  (Photo: REUTERS / Craig Brough)
“Raúl Jimenes, can I have your shirt please?”. Wolves fans consider the Mexican forward an idol. (Photo: REUTERS / Craig Brough)

The former American player’s second season in England was the best of all so far. During 2019/20, the Mexican wolf achievement 17 league touchdowns (equaling Javier’s record Chicharito Hernández), 10 goals in European competitions and a total of 10 assists. There it began to be considered as the terror of the “bix six” of the Premiere.

Yes, the Mexican has scored against the biggest clubs in his respective league. Your frequent customer is Tottenham Hotspur, with three goals, they follow Chelseaand Manchester City with two goals each. Then the Liverpool and the Arsenal with a goal to each. The only club that he has not been able to convert to is Manchester United.

Despite the fact that he has failed to lift any trophies with Wolverhampton, Raúl’s work in the team is recognized with chants from the fans. “Yes sir, he is the best in the world and he comes from Mexico, our number nine. Give him the ball and he’ll score every time. Yes sir! Give the ball to Raúl and he’ll score. There is something that the Wolves want you to know, he is the best in the world and he comes from Mexico”, You can hear the chorus in the stands of the stadium Molineux.

Raúl Jiménez is the top scorer in Wolves history with 51 goals so far.  (Photo: EFE / EPA / PETER POWELL)
Raúl Jiménez is the top scorer in Wolves history with 51 goals so far. (Photo: EFE / EPA / PETER POWELL)

However, not everything has been joys during the time of Raúl Jiménez at Wolverhampton. At the start of the 2020/21 season, the Mexican forward suffered a serious skull injury after receiving a direct header from David Luiz in a corner kick dispute. This injury kept the footballer away from the fields for six months and even questioned his continuity in the sport.

Fortunately, the player is already fully recovered and has returned to the courts. His outstanding performance with Wolverhampton has led him to be the benchmark forward of the Mexican National Team and little by little he has returned to be as decisive in the games, just as he was before his injury.

To Raúl Jiménez He has two years left on his contract with the Wolves, with the option to extend it for one more season, so the chances of him extending his scoring quota and further establishing himself as the team’s top scorer are great. For now, he has completed a hundred games in the Premiere League.


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