Portaltic.-Meta (Facebook) expands licenses to support more cryptocurrency ads

MADRID, 2 (Portaltic/EP)

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has updated the criteria it uses to decide which ads about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can be shown on its platforms, in a way that has expanded the number of licenses so that more advertisers and companies can access this advertising. .

So far Meta had only granted three licenses to display cryptocurrency ads on its platform, but this figure has now risen to 27 licenses, as Meta reported in a statement.

With this decision, Meta has reversed the measures that it had previously adopted and that significantly limited the publication of advertisements about cryptocurrencies on its platforms.

Previously, advertisers had to fill out an approval form with information about these ads, such as their license or relevant additional information, such as whether they were present in an investment or stock market.

“Over the years, the cryptocurrency landscape has matured, stabilized, and experienced increased government regulation, which has helped establish clearer responsibilities and expectations for the industry,” said Meta.

From now on, instead of just three licenses allowed and the previous criteria you used to confirm if a crypto asset ad was supported, you only need to have one of the 27 supported licenses.

Meta hopes that this change will make its advertising policies “more equal and transparent”, as well as that more advertisers, including small businesses, can show ads.

However, Meta will continue to ask advertisers to carry out a pre-approval process, including platforms or applications dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges and investments, as well as loans, wallets and ‘hardware’ or ‘software’ for mining.


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