Party grouch? Christmas party is not a must

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Christmas party? No thank you! The employer cannot make the company party a compulsory event. © Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

For some people, there is nothing worse than having to put colleagues in a good mood at the Christmas party. Regardless of whether it is digital or analog. So: do you have to go there?

Berlin – Good news for those who don’t like Christmas: At least they don’t have to attend the company party. The company Christmas party cannot be a must, says Maximilian Wittig, specialist lawyer for labor law and partner at Wittig Ünalp in an interview with the magazine “Arbeit und Arbeitsrecht”.

But there is one thing that those who don’t like partying should pay attention: If the celebrations take place during working hours, according to the legal expert, only the participating people are exempt from work. If you don’t join the party, you have to work as usual.

Wittig draws attention to one more thing: Those who stay away from the Christmas party are therefore not entitled to gifts, which should be distributed during the event. dpa

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