Mandatory outdoor masks in the most commercial streets of Rome

Dozens of people were waiting their turn to be vaccinated in Rome, last Sunday. EFE / EPA / ANGELO CARCONI

Rome, Dec 2 (EFE) .- The use of outdoor masks will be mandatory in the most commercial streets of Rome from next Saturday, a measure designed to contain coronavirus infections before the arrival of Christmas and that could be extended to the entire Italian capital based on the results.
The ordinance signed in the last hours by the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, provides for the mandatory nature of the mask both in the commercial axis of the center of the capital, in the well-known Via del Corso, a common shopping area for Romans and tourists, as well as in several streets with very busy shops in the Patri neighborhood, next to the Vatican.
In those areas, identified by the police as those with the highest risk of contagion, extraordinary control measures will be carried out, as well as in other areas where crowds may occur, such as Christmas markets, parties or exhibitions and where the mask will also be required.
The measure, which will begin next Saturday and end on December 31 at midnight, excludes children under 6 years of age, people with disabilities and those who are practicing sports.
“We ask all Roman women and men to help us and protect their health and that of others by wearing their masks in the open air. The reason is that wherever there is agglomeration, there is a risk of not keeping the distance,” Gualtieri said after announce the measure.
“If we see that there is no adequate outcome, we will also work on an ordinance for an indistinct obligation across the city,” he added.
Rome thus joins other Italian cities such as Milan, Padua or Bologna, which have also imposed the mask until after Christmas in street markets and in areas of the historic center, which at this time are usually very crowded.
Also on the island of Sicily (south) the outdoor mask will be mandatory, in addition to imposing coronavirus tests on migrants who arrive on its shores, once they have passed the preventive quarantine, and also on travelers who flights from Egypt , Botswana, Hong Kong, Israel, Turkey and South Africa.
In the last 24 hours, Italy confirmed 15,085 new infections and 103 deaths, the largest increase in the number of deaths from coronavirus since the end of May, and the Italian Federation of Health and Hospital Companies warned that hospitalizations due to coronavirus are progressively accelerating and in the last week they have increased by 16%.

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