Jewelery SL withdraws from business, cessation of workers’ tent demonstrations

▲ Jewelery Branch of Seoul Branch of Metal Workers’ Union

Jewelery SL (JSL), which notified the closure of the business when a jewelery worker protested, saying, “Give me a price for food,” withdrew the business.

According to the Jewelery Branch of the Seoul Branch of the Metal Workers’ Union on the 1st, the labor and management met at the Anyang Branch of the Ministry of Employment and Labor on the 30th of last month and agreed to withdraw from the business closure and to withdraw the legal complaints filed by both sides.

Labor-management dialogue progressed as workers’ solidarity struggle continued after the notice of closure, and Justice Party lawmaker Shim Sang-jung took an active role. Anyang branch office proposed negotiations to the labor and management on the morning of the agreement, and after nearly eight hours of tug-of-war negotiations, an agreement was reached.

The company withdrew the notice of business closure and decided to raise workers’ wages. Depending on the current monthly salary, the salary will be raised from 50,000 to 160,000 won. Workers who are paid at the minimum wage level this year are subject to the maximum increase of 160,000 won.

With this agreement, Jewelery SL workers will put an end to the nearly 140-day tent demonstration and return to work from the 6th.

Workers formed a union after the company repeatedly took unpaid and paid leave due to COVID-19. In subsequent negotiations, they demanded an increase in basic wages and meals, but the company refused to do so, and labor-management relations deteriorated.

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