Hamburg Wasser appeals in the Nordheide dispute

No new points of view

After a comprehensive examination of the reasons for the judgment, no new aspects emerged for Hamburg Wasser. The supplier is therefore sticking to its previous legal opinion. “With the water pumping in the Nordheide, we have a responsibility to reliably supply more than 300,000 people in the west of Hamburg and in Heimfeld in the south of the city with drinking water,” says Ingo Hannemann, Managing Director of Hamburg Wasser.

“We need a sufficient legal basis for this task. From our point of view, this can only be a permit. Any form of approval that deviates from this would be a critical signal for the entire industry, ”said the head of the water supplier. Although the court confirmed security of supply as an important point in October in the first instance, it nonetheless granted the Harburg district leeway with regard to the form of approval and the amount and dismissed the lawsuit.

Justification for dismissing further claims

At the same time, five more lawsuits, including from an environmental association and several property owners, were being heard, which the court had dismissed as unfounded after extensive hearing from various experts. In the grounds of the judgment, the court emphasized that the model chosen by Hamburg Wasser to determine the possible environmental impacts of groundwater extraction was not objectionable, even taking into account the underlying climatic data. (hp)

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