Direct marketer for renewable energies is looking for investors

Talks with larger municipal utilities

“In.power GmbH, founded in 2006, is a pioneer and innovation driver for the market and system integration of renewable energies. After the turbulence on the energy markets and the bad debt of a market partner, the well-positioned company fell into crisis this year,” said lawyer Schiebe .

Large plant operators from wind and solar parks to community energy companies would largely be retained as customers. Discussions with interested parties, including project developers for solar and wind energy and larger municipal utilities, also make Schiebe confident.

Subsidiaries not affected

The unexpected termination of a framework contract has therefore led to high claims due. Due to the associated uncertainties, the management decided as a precaution to file for bankruptcy at the end of August. In Power is still managed by the founders.

The group’s subsidiaries, such as In Power Wetering for metering point operation, Grün Power for green electricity supply, In Power Optimise for energy data optimization and the sister company In Power Network for joint ventures with third parties, are not affected by the bankruptcy. These companies are to continue operations without restrictions.

Core business direct marketing

In Power’s core business is the direct marketing of renewable energies from wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass and gas as well as hydropower. In addition, the group operates measuring points, offers models for marketing electricity after the end of the EEG subsidy and supplies electricity to end customers for EEG system operators. In Power also offers solutions for feeding solar power into the grid and a platform for joint ventures that gives market partners access to direct marketing. (jk)

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