Charging provider takes over GHG quota trading for e-mobilists

Charging provider takes over processing

The Mobility House handles the processing and payment of the GHG quotas. It should be possible to pay out anew every year.

The greenhouse gas reduction quota has been setting targets for mineral oil companies to save CO since 20152Emissions. It thus serves as a legal steering instrument to reduce the CO2– Reduce emissions in the transport sector.

Sell ​​to oil companies

From 2022, electric car owners will also benefit from this. Because you can use the CO2-Selling emissions from your electric vehicle to oil companies. These companies are obliged to reduce their emissions and can buy up quotas to do so.

Daniel Heydenreich, Managing Director, The Mobility House, explains that the new quota regulation promotes electromobility by making it more and more expensive to bring fossil fuels into circulation for oil companies.

Quota runs until at least 2030

The GHG quota is set until at least 2030. By this year, the quota-obliged mineral oil companies have to reduce a steadily increasing share of their CO2 emissions or offset them through quota trading. In addition, prices could continue to rise. (jk)

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