Carlos Zambrano and his life outside of football: ampays, sprees and scandals

Carlos Zambrano arrived at Boca Juniors in 2020.

Carlos Zambrano He was again linked to an act of indiscipline. The Argentine press reported that the Peruvian defender along with his teammates Edwin cardona and Sebastian Villa they would have arrived under the influence of alcohol and late to the training of Boca Juniors. Throughout his career, the ‘Kaiser’ has not only been involved in these kinds of situations, but also off the playing fields he has starred in scandals.

The defender’s temperament has led him to be in one of the largest institutions on the continent, however that has also made me make bad decisions in his day-to-day life. The most recent was after being off the payroll for the America’s Cup 2021. The central was recorded by the cameras of a show program entering a house with several six packs of beers. In the same meeting was Jefferson Farfan.

Carlos Zambrano was captured by the Magaly Tv program.
Carlos Zambrano was captured by the Magaly Tv program.

At the beginning of the same year, a delivery man from a restaurant denounced him because he ran him over with his white Audi A4 and did not give him medical attention. As reported by La Nación, the player acknowledged having been involved in the event and made himself available to Justice. The case did not go to major.

In 2020 he was supported by holding a party on a yacht. That was not the most striking thing, the ‘Lion’ was accompanied by women and ended up kissing one of them. It was clearly not his wife and mother of his children. One of his friends noticed that they were being recorded and approached the cameraman to try to bribe him, but was unsuccessful. After the video was broadcast on television, he decided to block his Instagram account.

Carlos Zambrano captured at a yacht party in January 2020.
Carlos Zambrano captured at a yacht party in January 2020.

A year earlier he was involved in a scandal. The representative of the Peruvian team attended a party in Surco and throughout the night he was flirting with a minor. According to the statements of the person involved, they were withdrawn after claiming the footballer because he had placed drugs in his drink. Once outside, one of her friends from the defender attacked her. “Everyone knows me in Lima, I am not disrespectful. I am a tremendous gentleman with everyone”Was Carlos Zambrano’s response to what happened.

2019 assault and drug scandal.
2019 assault and drug scandal.

The player trained in Cantolao was constantly mentioned in the program ‘The Value of Truth’. Some participants stated that they had received an invitation from him while he was still in Europe. On one occasion, Ricardo, better known as ‘Zorro’, said the same thing. Something that did not please the central, who immediately made a demand. This ended with a jail sentence for Zúñiga.

The 'Zorro' Zupe had to pay a civil compensation of 10 thousand soles.
The ‘Zorro’ Zupe had to pay a civil compensation of 10 thousand soles.


The club has not yet spoken to deny or announce any type of punishment for Carlos Zambrano, Sebastián Villa and Edwin Cardona. Due to the fact that the Bostero cast is psyched to classify in the following Liberators cup. Thus, Sebastián Battaglia He would have tried to cover his ‘pupils’ by stating that they were intoxicated and that is why they were not included from the beginning in the tie against Newell’s.

Germán García, a journalist for TyC Sports, pointed out in RRP’s ‘Fútbol Como Cancha’ that Colombians asked that Carlos Zambrano be removed from the ‘scandal’. “Villa and Cardona came out to ask the coaching staff not to get caught with Zambrano, but from the technical side they said that the three came badly so none of them played “, Held.


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