Bad grades? How students cleverly start catching up

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Diligent reporting and regular participation in class signal the teacher: “I want to improve myself!” And ultimately also contribute to the oral part of the grade. © Felix Kästle / dpa / dpa-tmn

What helps with bad grades? Some believe that gluing in the teacher helps. Others swear by constant reporting. A teacher explains what really attracts teachers.

Berlin – If a number of bad grades have already accumulated in the school year, students should not wait until shortly before the half-year reports to start catching up. “Anyone who only then asks for an extra lecture does not leave a good impression,” says Rosa Step, a high school teacher from Berlin.

She advises contacting the teacher at an early stage and signaling: I want to improve!

Extra lecture only makes the teacher more work

It is clever to want to present yourself with something that already exists instead of asking for a lecture as an extra task. Because the teacher only does extra work, reveals Step.

Something that already exists, on the other hand, could be the presentation of a homework assignment. “Or you offer an hourly assignment for evaluation, make a correction, create a poster or something digital on a topic,” the pedagogue enumerates.

The old classic “Can I give a lecture?” Doesn’t really help much anymore, since the evaluation is made up of percentages. “Mostly from a prescribed written and oral part. A lecture like this doesn’t weigh very much in percentage terms, ”reveals the teacher.

Seek advice on priority list

In a conversation, however, you could also ask the teacher if he or she helps to establish a focus because you feel lost in closing your gaps in knowledge and you need a list of priorities.

For younger students, it helps if they bring order to their files and compare their own notes with those of classmates. Missing transcripts could then be copied if necessary. Pink step: “With some students it fails because of a stapler at all. They are then lost in a loose mess of papers. “

Rosa Step is a high school teacher for mathematics and Latin in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg. She also works for the learning platform sofatutor, for which she creates specialist texts and helps out in homework chats.

Pink step

Learning and doing homework together with classmates is extremely effective. “That way you can explain things to each other, which makes things safer. Questions often arise that can then be clarified in class, ”says the high school teacher. dpa

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