Asew tests the first eco-energy product based on individual customer specifications

“Regionality is increasingly important for municipal utilities”

Compensation in the distance was only the first step. Because as a regionally anchored company, it was extremely important for the municipal utilities to also live up to their special responsibility as an energy supplier on site. The Ettlingen municipal utilities therefore support the forest research project “Cultivation trials with alternative tree species” in the Ettlingen municipal forest “in cooperation with the Forestry Research and Research Institute BW.

The aim here is to find out which heat- and drought-resistant tree species from abroad are best suited for the local forest. Because the increasing drought weakens the native trees and makes them susceptible to pests.

“Regionality is an increasingly important component, especially for municipal utilities,” says Christian Esseling, who is responsible for eco-energies at Asew. “That is why we are all the more pleased that Stadtwerke Ettlingen were the first to join us on the path of individual product testing with such a pronounced regional focus.”

Large range of individual product cuts possible

The testing of the products is handled by Asew. A regional approach, as pursued by Stadtwerke Ettlingen, is only one of several possible routes. “It would also be conceivable, for example, to use green gas products with a defined proportion of biomethane or electricity exclusively from clearly named (regional) wind parks or from certain outdoor PV systems.

For example, electricity products can be created that are structured in a similar way to the regional electricity concept without having to adhere to its excessively strict limitations. The individual certification allows municipal utilities a whole range of possible product cuts. “(Hoe)

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