Andrea Luna and the time he denied having been unfaithful to Pietro Sibille with Andrés Wiese

The Peruvian actor confirmed through networks that Andrea Luna was unfaithful to him. (Photo: Instagram)

Pietro Sibille confirmed through his social networks that Andrea Luna yes he was unfaithful with Andrés Wiesse when they were a couple, something that the model and actress had repeatedly denied.

“Yes. I could not bear the lie anymore. What Andrea Luna said is totally false. Yes we were together when he did what he did with that idiot Andrés Wiese (he’s not even a good actor) Good evening! (don’t bother to comment, I never read them) “Pietro wrote on Instagram.

But why does the actor point out that Andrea Luna was unfaithful to him? Let us remember that in August of this year, Magaly Medina released some images of Andrés Wiese and Andrea Luna kissing passionately at a Miami nightclub.

This ampay surprised users, since it was known that the actress had a romantic relationship with Pietro Sibille for several years, despite the fact that none had made their relationship public.

Ampay by Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese kissing.  (Photo: Capture ATV)
Ampay by Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese kissing. (Photo: Capture ATV)

In addition, two months before the compromising images of Andrea with Andrés, the national actor had dedicated some moving words to his girlfriend, with whom he had worked on the series’ Los otros libeadores ”.

“I was lucky enough to perform alongside her once again. It is always a devastating and anesthetizing pleasure. Thank you for everything, my partner, my accomplice, my intimate enemy, my lover, my country, my moon, was the romantic message.

The romantic message that Pietro dedicated to Andrea, now removed.  (Photo: Instagram)
The romantic message that Pietro dedicated to Andrea, now removed. (Photo: Instagram)

After the ampay, Andrea Luna received a large number of comments on her social media networks. users who called her unfaithful, so the actress decided to release a statement on her Instagram profile to clarify her sentimental situation.

I’ve been in Miami alone for almost a month seeing job offers and people with goals that I have been looking for a long time. In this search for my destiny, many fears have arisen, I have made many decisions and I have had many changes in my personal and work life. I return to Peru to continue with my life “, wrote at that time to stop the hatred towards him.

“I am grateful to the people who support me and follow my career for many years. My true friends and my family know that this is my priority and the most important thing for me now “he added.

Statement from Andrea Luna after ampay.  (Photo: Instagram / @ andrealunaoficial)
Statement from Andrea Luna after ampay. (Photo: Instagram / @ andrealunaoficial)

For his part, Pietro was silent and alone He chose to delete the publications he had on networks with the also model, thus ending that stage of his life with her.

Later, Andrea Luna asked that they stop associating her with the remembered ‘Nicolás de las Casas’ during a live broadcast, where she was seen extremely upset by the ampay.

Yes, I am alone and I am not with Ricolás, stop bothering me and respect me, I am a woman and I deserve respect. We all deserve respect, just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she’s a whore “, he expressed.

“If you want to follow me, follow me for my work (…) And if I want to shake a boy, then I shake him; And if I want to slap a girl, then I shag her; and if I want to get two girls covered, then I will strip them because it is my life “he added.

But not only that, he also attacked the media because he was not satisfied with how women were represented on television.

“And all the blame is on bad journalism … yes, I am also a journalist and the level of machismo that journalists in Peru have seems horrible to me. It is a shame how journalists treat women in Peru, it is degrading “, he pointed.

It should be noted that Andrés Wiese preferred not to give statements about the ampay that he starred in with Andrea, but he did send a forceful message on his Instagram to silence his detractors.

Let’s stop idealizing all people please. We are all that, people. And also to believe in everything they “tell us”, simply because the morbid sells and they want us to live judging others “, was the only message he wrote in relation to the images released by Magaly medina.


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