The radical transformation of Michelle Rodríguez

The talented film, theater and television actress turned 38 this December 1So her loved ones organized a surprise celebration for her in the first minute of this important day. Through his stories on Instagram, Michelle Rodriguez shared part of their celebration.

According to their temporal stories, in addition to breaking the cake and listening Las Mañanitas, Michelle Rodríguez received many congratulations from her colleagues, who recalled her collaborative works in musical theater and made collages of her photographs with her.

Towards the afternoon, Michelle Rodríguez shared a reflection to celebrate another year of life and was seen with an impressive makeover. Although she generally wears curly hair, with curls or chinos, this day the actress decided to straighten her hair.

Michelle Rodríguez in her change of look on the occasion of her birthday (Photo: Instagram / @ michihart)

This image was taken by herself aboard a car, where he wore red heart-shaped sunglassesIn the same way, he wore a golden pendant with this same figure.

Some of the comments from his admirers were: “May life give you back a bit of all the happiness that you bring to our homes”, “Happy birthday to my favorite Toña, the best actress” and “You make me happy every one of my days with every project you do”; in addition to multiple compliments for his radical makeover.

(Photo: Instagram/@michihart)
This is how the actress is constantly shown (Photo: Instagram / @ michihart)

Regarding her birthday, the actress of 40 and 20 received a large number of comments from his fans and his colleagues, among which the one of Diana Bovio, who wrote “What a beauty Mich, you have built a beautiful life and what is missing!”; those of the activist Ophelia Pastrana as well as Maite Perroni, Regina Blandón and Ludwik’s Palette, who congratulated her.

The member of The Dysfunctional Family on I fall down laughing He accompanied his radiant photography with a reflection on his life, the passing of time and his future projects in his professional career.

To begin her message, Michelle Rodríguez selected a fragment of the song Toast, performed by the Argentine singer Soledad Pastoruti: “Because the days go by, I want to sing until the end, for another night like you are, for my life. “

The Dysfunctional Family will have a reunion at an event (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)
The Dysfunctional Family will have a reunion at the Telethon (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)

Michelle Rodríguez said she was surprised by the positive things that have happened to her and envisioned important breakthroughs in his near future:

“Today I begin a new cycle, a new return to the sun, smiling, grateful, increasingly surprised by the gifts that life gives me, by the people around me, for so much love, for so many dreams, for so many adventures, for so many songs, for the projects, for what is coming and why I can’t even imagine “, wrote.

Similarly, the talented actress was recognized and praised, even She remembered her version of a girl to thank her for dreaming of triumph already achieved and promised to achieve more goals:

They are the hosts of Faisy Nights (Photo: Instagram / @ faisirrito)
They are the hosts of Faisy Nights, his partner’s late nate show (Photo: Instagram / @ faisirrito)

“A while ago I thought, I am much more than I ever dreamed of, I am grateful to myself for following my dreams, for being so brave and so tenacious. I tell my little Mich that “DON’T STAIN, HOLD ON CHIQUITA” Thank you for dreaming so big To all of you THANK YOU for so much love Happy birthday to me For more dreams, more projects, more songs, more dances, more love, more adventures and endless laughter “, ended.

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle is the first woman to play “Sam” (Photo: Twitter / @ ACPT_Mex)

In the rest of her stories, Michelle appeared in the staging Exhausted, whose participation she announced weeks ago as a new challenge in her career.

Last month, comedian Michelle Rodríguez appeared at a press conference to announce that she will be present again on stage with the play Exhausted, which is a monologue in which you have to play more than 30 characters alone.


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